Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Inmates Are Running The Loony Bin

     We have proof at last: You’re not crazy. It’s the rest of the world. At least, it’s the part that the Main Stream Media prefer to report on.

     Consider this: Two persons, each of whom commands vast influence over a large number of people, neither of which has the slightest education in thermodynamics or large-scale hydrodynamics, have converged to discuss that all-purpose chimera of the totalitarian Left, “climate change.”

     But who are those two persons? Why none other than Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio a.k.a. Pope Francis, and the president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. Both these persons were elevated to their current positions by idiots – and I use the term quite deliberately. It should surprise no one that idiots have empowered idiots, as unfortunate as that is.

     But first things first. Why is Pope Francis meeting with The Won? It’s not because of Obama’s pretended Christianity. No Christian would countenance the appalling treatment of Christians by the federal government. No Christian would accept that the homosexual rape of young boys is merely a “cultural practice.” No Christian would so regularly side with Islamic satraps and their tyrannies against Israel or the nations of Christendom...at least, no Christian of a sort not tutored by Jeremiah Wright.

     But then, we have reason to doubt Pope Francis’s Christianity as well. A true pope would not consort with the most brutal dictator in the Western Hemisphere. If the College of Cardinals isn’t feeling a trace of remorse over having elevated Bergoglio to the Throne of Saint Peter, the entire batch of them is doomed to Hell.

     Meanwhile, the media are absolutely aghast over Donald Trump not having chastised a questioner for indirectly asserting that Obama is a Muslim. Those selfsame media figures are apoplectic that Ben Carson, a true Christian and one of the most admirable men ever to enter public life, said that he would not advocate installing a Muslim as president. And of course, the media are legendarily hostile to any questioning of the Left’s Climate Gospel. If there’s a greater irony than the above in the public discourse, I haven’t encountered it.

     Philippe de Broca’s King of Hearts, though much beloved by his fans, has proved a trifle optimistic. But then, many of those fans are utterly convinced that the supreme cultural event in the history of Mankind was the Woodstock Music Festival.

     Let’s not lay all the guilt on the inmates. There are plenty of allegedly rational collaborators who deserve to share the burden.

     The Republican caucuses in Congress have been adamant in refusing to oppose or impede Obama and his agenda. They’ve allowed The Won to reign as if he were an absolute monarch. They’ve refused to block funding for Obama’s anti-Constitutional initiatives because they fear the odium from “shutting down the government.” They’ve allowed Administration figures to lie to Congressional committees, without a single indictment for perjury. They’ve declined to impeach Cabinet secretaries who’ve openly defied the law. A few have spoken out...far too few.

     The Supreme Court is no better. That body has interpreted “not a tax” to mean “a tax,” has dismissed the text of the bill it thus admitted into law, and has agreed to the politicization of a critical and completely non-political institution – marriage – out of fear of the Sodomite Lobby. There are six persons on the Court who claim to be Catholics. Reflect on that.

     State and local governments have been complicit: some out of cowardice, some for fear of losing federal bucks. Major “think tanks” and “institutes of higher learning” have participated in these farces as well. Need I say anything about the media? It’s all been said before, much of it here.

     I’m not feeling too sanguine about the future of my country or my Church. What about you, Gentle Reader?

     He who writes about politics, current events, and the doings of the powerful can easily come to despair. His political alignment is almost irrelevant to the process. The actions of governments and those who steer them could discourage any man, regardless of his opinions, from thinking that evidence and reason are any part of the decision makers’ concerns.

     I’m completely unsurprised by the adulation being showered on “outsiders” in the current presidential-nominations contests. “Insiders” have been so reliably perverse that no words suffice. Those that aren’t demonstrably criminal are either deceivers or impotent hangers-on. The public has become largely convinced that the political class is its enemy. The process of purging it has begun.

     I reserve my astonishment for the huge mass of Catholics worldwide who have chosen to embrace Pope Francis as “a pontiff for our times.” Granted that Bergoglio could not do as he’s done without at least the passive acquiescence of the Curia and the Catholic hierarchy generally, a pope does not have the expertise Bergoglio has assumed. Neither in economics nor geophysics is he at all informed. Worse, he appears willing to distort the Gospels – the bedrock of all Christian faith, from which flows the grace on which the Church rests! – to abrogate the Seventh Commandment: Thou shalt not steal.

     The Church has been the indispensable civilizing element of the West from the time of its inception. Let the scoffers scoff. The Enlightenment didn’t refute the Church; it merely showed how Christian convictions are supported by evidence and reason. If it weren’t for the Church, human learning and human moral-ethical conduct would never have progressed beyond that of the pre-Christian Roman Empire. But the Church of today is steadily retreating from its preachments and its historical role as the conscience of rulers.

     What next?

     My imagination has failed me. I write contemporary fantasy, science fiction, and a kind of alternate history. My characters and their decisions have to make sense within their contexts. The only way the current state of the world or the actions of the highly placed could be made to make sense is by adopting as a premise the title of this piece. It certainly can’t be falsified by the available evidence.

     Clearly, I’m not in a frame of mind suitable to continuing just now. Back later, perhaps.


Bruce said...

I'm not feeling too good about my country either. I'm hoping there's a way we don't have the Jeburrito or Choo Choo shoved down our throats.

As for my church (one of the mainstream Protestants), it has problems too. A big one is getting fannies in the pews on weekends (they do Saturdays now as the usual Sundays for some might interfere with kickoff and following one's fantasy team, especially outside the eastern time zone.

As for your writing, I think it was Tom Clancy who once said, "The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense."

Let us pray.

furball said...

Francis, maybe I've been up too long, or maybe you just make too gosh-darned much sense. This was wonderfully stated and expressed so much.

You write very well, sir. And you say things that resonate with me.

I wish I had an "answer" or a counter-argument to the problems and lunacy that you document.

Tim Turner

Dystopic said...

I am not a Catholic, so my opinion doesn't matter as much on the subject. Nonetheless, my suggestion is for your church to discover time travel and bring forward Pope Urban II.

He'd know what to do in the present circumstances.

Eskyman said...

It's hard not to despair.

The battle hasn't even been joined, yet we seem to have somehow lost our country.

Despicable people and loons occupy our highest governmental offices, and being normal is legislated out of existence while elected officials say "nothing can be done."

One phrase I never hear anymore is, "Hey, it's a free country, isn't it!"

It's a Hail Mary pass; but that's why I support Donald Trump. He may not be a conservative; he may not be perfect, or even much good; but he is pro-America!

Mark said...

My mood in the recent weeks has been what can only be described as a deep funk. I've spent my entire career in defense of this country -- active duty Air Force, Air National Guard, and (most recently) in the defense industry. I've worked long and hard over the past ~35 years to protect the US from outside threats -- it disturbs me greatly to see it being willingly destroyed from within. And if that isn't enough, our "leaders" continue to invite hoards of invading forces across our borders.

The inmates are, indeed, running the asylum -- and I continue be aghast at those who elect these lunatics to positions of power again and again.

I am ready to throw in the towel and concede defeat -- hoping only to find some out of the way place to hole up and hide in relative obscurity to live out the rest of my days in isolation so as not to be further upset by the death throes of this once great country. The "progressive" younger generation -- which includes family members whom I love dearly -- have made their bed and will have to live with the consequences. I can no longer bear to watch.