Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Quickies: What Religion Is Obama?

     There are many approaches to the above question. Mostly it depends on which major aspect of the life, conduct, and known proclivities of Barack Hussein Obama one chooses to emphasize:

  1. His upbringing;
  2. His associations;
  3. His behavior as president;
  4. His narcissism.

     If we go by upbringing, we would have every reason to believe that Obama is at minimum highly sympathetic to Islam. He was schooled in madrassas, studied the Qur’an intensively as a boy, and only “converted to Christianity” through the offices of a highly dubious figure: black liberation theologist Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright. Wright said openly and without pretense that he “made it comfortable” for Obama the Muslim to accept Christianity without renouncing Islam. Note also that Wright appeared unaffected by Obama’s statement of disassociation from him during the 2008 presidential campaign; the preacher knew where the politician’s priorities lie.

     If we go by associations, Obama’s close relationships with Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayres, Alex Giannoulias, Tony Rezko, and other seedy personages make the picture murky. Communists, pederasts, terrorists, and abusers of the law are seldom seriously religious. Moreover, they tend to flock together, such that one who doesn’t share their dismissive attitudes toward right and wrong would have a hard time fitting in. However, keep in mind that the observation applies to all religions.

     As president, Obama has systematically favored the interests of Islamic states against the nations of Christendom. His first address as president was a fawningly apologetic one delivered in Cairo. He has turned an indifferent eye to the brutality of Muslims toward Christians no matter where it’s occurred. Whereas he has celebrated the Islamic holy days while in the White House and has openly said that he would “stand with the Muslims” should the political winds disfavor them, he has shown unconcealed indifference to Christian feast days, including the highest of all: Easter Sunday. He has also lectured Christians about intolerance, using the Crusades as a stick to beat us with. Surely the evidence here leans toward Obama the Muslim.

     But for my money, Obama’s narcissism is the Ace of trumps. A man who cannot admit to ignorance or error, who blatantly regards himself as above the law, and who becomes incandescently furious at the slightest hint of criticism (to say nothing of actual contradiction), is unlikely to be a sincere believer in anything but himself. Inasmuch as these are observable facts about Obama, I would suggest that his embrace of a religion – any religion – is merely a tactic chosen because he thinks it will get him what he wants.

     Only one thing is clear: Obama has no great affection for Christianity of any sort. An Amiable Agnostic would speak of Christianity and to Christians better than Obama has. His supposed conversion was entirely cosmetic, in service to his political ambitions. Sadly, in combination with his other tactics, it worked all too well.

     “A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence.” – David Hume


Mark said...

On one of the radio talk shows to which I occasionally listen, a caller had a perfect answer to the question posed above:

"Obama worships at the mirror."

I could not say it better or more succinctly.

Dystopic said...

I put it this way in a comment on Ace's Facebook group:

Obama is a post-Muslim, in the same way so many people in the West are post-Christian. You could almost call it post-reality. They think themselves above all that "silly claptrap" and have converted to a worship of self, of hedonism, of whatever they wish. Should one wish to rub green jello all over his body and declare that he's a she, who's really an Oscar Meyer wiener, and a lesbian black woman trapped in a gay white man's body, while donning a fur suit and saying "I'm also a raccoon gender queer," all is well.

Personal feelings above all. Hedonism in a nut shell, but not even the sort of hedonism I could get behind. An island full of whiskey, cigars, and naked women... tempting, yes, but still possessing a certain worldly grounding. That is too real for Obama.

Obama is far beyond all that and straight into the cloud-land where nothing means anything, the logical endpoint of Marxist Post-Modernist bullshit (thanks Nietzsche -- fucking asshole). Obama lives in a world that is purely emotional: nothing but muh feels. His speeches are hollow, his policies nothing but the collective expression of emotional outrage from a delusional mob.

Thus spake Barack -- fucking -- Obama. If he feels something for some kid who thought bringing a clock that looks like a bomb into school was a great idea, worthy of being invited to the White House, well, then, that's what Obama will do. Tomorrow he might decry the clock makers of Switzerland because, God forbid, they are racists for not hiring this horological genius.

He might wake up a Christian this morning, and go to bed a Muslim. He'll eat breakfast as a Jew and brunch as an Atheist. "I'm a child of the world" he tells us. Coexist bumper stickers, and all that jazz. Whatever. He's the collective representation of the world's shit, the intellectual refuse cast out by all the real thinkers on this ball of dirt. He is nothing. He is an echo of real people.

But still, he feels good about himself. He's enlightened, you see, because everyone in his life has told him so. Hope and change.

rumpole5 said...

Secular materialist all the way.

Reg T said...

Dystopic put it so eloquently, I don't have much to add. Certainly, Obama supports islam, hates Judaism, and denied Christianity _more_ than three times before the cock crowed. Or whatever the cock did for him.

He is demonstrably _not_ a muslim, because he does not follow the qur'an and - indeed - only worships himself.

He is a vile creature who is not worthy of the oxygen he wastes.