Monday, September 21, 2015

Quickies: A Supremely Important Caution

     The following comes from Theodore “Vox Day” Beale’s recent book SJWs Always Lie:

     The third thing to remember when undergoing an SJW attack is to never apologize for anything you have done. Do not say you were sorry if anyone’s feelings were hurt, do not express remorse, regret, or contrition, and do not say anything that can be taken as an apology in any way. Just in case I am not being sufficiently clear, do not apologize!...

     [SJWs] don’t care how you feel, they don’t care about your future behavior, they don’t expect to have a future relationship with you, and there is absolutely no chance they are going to forgive you for anything. You are, after all, a thought criminal. When they push you for an apology after pointing and shrieking at you, what they are seeking is a confession to bolster their indictment. They are like the police down at the station with a suspect in the interrogation room, badgering him to confess to the crime. And like all too many police these days, the SJWs don’t really care if you did it or not. They’re just looking for a confession that they can take to the prosecutor.

     This means that every apology, every compromise, and every attempt to find common ground will be viewed as a display of weakness, a lack of confidence, and damning evidence in the case concerning which they intend to prosecute you.

     Therefore, the correct answer to a demand for an apology is always no.
     “Wouldn’t it only make sense if...” No.
     “Can’t we just...” No.
     “Wouldn’t it be fair to...” No.
     “You have to admit...” No.
     “If you would just apologize...” No.
     “Don’t you realize you hurt...” No.

     Bravo! This is well supported by the public record. There is no “playing defense” against the social-justice warriors. Their agenda does not include forgiveness, making up, or making nice. Either ignore them entirely or go on an immediate, all-out counterattack. I tend to prefer the latter, but your available time and energy may vary.

Never Apologize.
Never Explain.

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Adrienne said...

Just finished his book. He's spot on.

I remember well the last screaming tirade of a phone call from my commie brother (just shy of six years ago.) I started to say, "You have to understand..." when it hit me. Why in hell was I explaining anything to him? I hung up the phone and that, as they say, was that. Haven't spoken to him since. It's been peaceful.