Monday, September 21, 2015

Chaos unleashed.

Public Enemy No. 1?
[Syrian President] Assad stated “It’s not about that Europe didn’t accept them or embrace them as refugees, it’s about not dealing with the cause. If you are worried about them, stop supporting terrorists. That’s what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees.”[1]
The current U.S. policy is to bring this man down to be replaced with what exactly? Libya after we got rid of Gaddafi? Egypt after we got rid of Mubarak? Iraq after we got rid of Saddam? Kosovo after we bombed Serbia (protector of our airmen in WWII)? Afghanistan after 13 years of military operations there?

It's a policy that's been in place for some time, and not just under Obama. At least Bush appears to have reasoned that weakening an ally of Iran was a way of weakening our enemy Iran. Today there's something greasy and dishonest about our campaign to bring down Assad. Bush made a WMD case for taking on Saddam but there's nothing but silence from Obama on why it is that Assad must go now. It's a case that must be presented to the American people.

Contrary to what the fools who determine American foreign policy now think, Jeane Kirkpatrick long ago made the case for accepting "not bad" over "hideous." Our own recent experience with the removal of Gaddafi and the murder of our guys in Benghazi demonstrates what a tragic mistake it is to get rid of someone who is tough enough and wily enough to control the animals that populate the Islamic world. But, even in the light of that experience we're angling for Syrian "regime change," an odious term that should mark anyone who advocates it as a dissembling fool.

We witness now the civilization-threatening, uncontrolled invasion of Europe by Muslims and Africans that is a direct result of our stupidity. Even that Libyan disaster took place in the face of stiff popular resistance, which was ignored.

The Republicans are, of course, paralyzed by fear and their lust for approval from Obama and congressional Democrats. No attempt to impeach Obama will be made and the constitutional requirement of a declaration of war will become just another provision of our Constitution that has been OBE, or overtaken by events. The doctrine of Executive Branch Convenience.

Watch me grow.
Our secret, too-clever-by-half campaign to destroy Assad is not some minor event. It warrants more than a two-minute segment on our vagified Fox News between a story of a lost dog and Deflategate. On the contrary, it's a dishonest, cynical, undeclared, unconstitutional war in one of the most volatile regions of the world in which the seeds of a great power conflict are beginning to sprout. Yet, there is no domestic opposition.

If you can, you should.
This is an international initiative that is being promoted by a tiny group of people who have nothing but contempt for the American people and, certainly, no concern for our dangerous fiscal, monetary, and economic condition. Or for the well being of our European cousins. An honest argument can be made, in fact, that the refugee crisis is a feature not a bug of U.S. policy, to which Hollande's wanting to resume French bombing of Assad -- not ISIS -- can only lend support.

The cowardice, recklessness, dishonesty, stupidity, and illegality of what we are doing is all the more tragic for the fact that what we do in Syria and everywhere in the world is financed with money we borrow from a Chinese communist dictatorship and money provided by the odious, salafist Saudi Arabia. Where is Slim Pickens to ride this one in?

These are children or devils at work. It's an impossible task to argue that those who pursue this policy against Assad are engineering a step forward for mankind. No, nothing like that. We are unleashing chaos.

[1] "Assad Calls Out U.S. For Supporting Terrorism, Says "EU “Not Dealing With The Cause Of Refugee Crisis”. By Brandon Turbeville, 9/16/15.

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