Thursday, September 24, 2015

Islam, you morons. Not "Islamism."

Even if there is not one ISIS or AQ infiltrator, I can assure you that setting up hundreds-of-thousands perhaps even millions of Muslims in the heart of Europe will irrevocably alter the culture and politics of Europe, and provide the fodder for Islamic radicalization and terrorism. We have seen it in Minnesota, for example, where the poor Somalis we settled might not not have been AQ or ISIS when they arrived, but in short order they began providing recruits for terror organizations. We see it all over Europe, even among openly economic migrants from Muslim countries: they initially arrive and perhaps are not overtly radical, but then fall into the hands of the local mosque and local gangs, and soon you have criminals and terrorists, e.g., child rape rings, the Charlie Hebdo massacre. You see it in Britain and in Australia with native-born Muslims succumbing to the call of their "religion" and its insistence on war against the infidel.

The issue is not AQ or ISIS or Hamas or Boko Haram or Hizbollah.

The issue is ISLAM, a violent, totalitarian creed that seeks the destruction of the non-Islamic world.

"On Syrian Refugees and Other Fantasies." By W. Lewis Amselem, DiploMad 2.0, 9/15/15.

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