Wednesday, September 23, 2015

RamZPaul on a modern Joan of Arc.

Electre Llewellyn is the woman of whom Mr. Paul speaks.

Her video that he referenced has been taken down by YouTube for violating its rules against hate speech, a/k/a telling the truth about immigration and the deliberate destruction of your country.

The hypocrites of the E.U. took to the streets to show their commitment to free speech after the Hebdo massacres but God forbid you should actually exercise that right. They're hounding Marine Le Pen currently, using a criminal prosecution to silence a leading political figure.

Somebody, quick, remind me what the Enlightenment was about and how the Catholic Church was this cesspool of oppression and hostility to truth.

Europe is a joke. It's an area peopled by millions of passive fools, a dumping ground for primitives, and a daily experiment in neo-communism, hypocrisy, and jamming elite decisions down the throats of white people. Did I mention lunatic leaders?

Ms. Llewellyn's expression of thanks to Paul on his YouTube video page is touching and illustrate how much the support we give to these brave souls matters to them.

Fortunately, she indicates that all her videos can be seen here. Note the video from August 27 titled "France enrichie - Paris 18 ème." It's on her page but, just in case you're reading this in a week or so, here's the link to that video. The cry of "Allahu akbar" is heard; enrichment occurs.

This is what Angela and Francoise simply must have for their people.

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