Thursday, September 10, 2015

Germany – engine of European destruction.

Germany, however, continues to pledge a land of milk, honey and unlimited welfare to the likes of 500,000 new people per year. Germany is destabilizing the EU. It is inciting a population shift from the Third World to Europe that bodes a level of cultural destruction that is truly cosmic. Germany is instigating calamity.[1]
One engine of destruction, anyway.

[1] "Strangers in Your Own Land." By: Diana West, 9/7/15.


Reg T said...

If Iran makes Israel untenable via the destruction and lingering radiation from nuclear weapons, will they invite and embrace 500,000 surviving Jews as refugees?

I didn't think so.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Muslims are in the business of generating corpses and refugees. Cleaning up afterwards is not on their agenda.

Reg T said...


My fault for poor writing. I meant to suggest that Germany would never take the Jews in as refugees, although you are certainly correct about muslims.

And the muslim refugees are like the Aztlan-type of illegals that cross our border - they don't like where they came from, but insist on changing America to suit their wants and culture, instead of embracing the liberty America (once upon a time) represented.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Ok. I see what you were driving at. It's a given that the Iranians wouldn't take in the Jews whose country they had just destroyed. The real betrayal would probably be as you suggest. It's a bunch of surrender monkeys running things in globalist Germany these days who may or may not dislike Jews. (I read something recently (IRSR) to the effect that Jews actually feel very comfortable in Germany now.) Sadly, the prime directive in Merkel's government and its supporters is probably not anti-Jewish sentiment but anti-white sentiment. As is the case throughout Europe. The absolute top priority in the future, as now, is to import Muslims. Everything else would be secondary. Not even secondary. Irrelevant.

I think it's silly for me to try to apply some kind of rational analysis to anything in Europe now. Reasonable people can differ on what policies to pursue but it's impossible to understand even the simplest thinking of these fools. Too many prions must have entered European brains from that halal beef I think.

This is, after all, the Europe that has converted its navies, hitherto understood to be organized to repel invaders, into a taxi service for them. And where the law exists not to preserve public order and the state but to punish those who complain of disorder and the destruction of the state.