Thursday, September 3, 2015

Call This Post What You Will

     ...for I am too weary and disheartened to think up a clever title.

     First, Ted Cruz, whom I admire, dealing with a climate-change activist masquerading as a mere “journalist:

     They don’t give up – ever. Read the rest of the article to see what I mean. They’ll have us in shackles one way or another...unless we act first, and I don’t mean through the political process.

     Second, here’s a “sanctuary city” for you, Lefties:

     A defiant Kentucky county clerk today once again rejected same-sex couples' requests for marriage licenses, saying she’s doing so 'under God's authority' despite a ruling by the US Supreme Court ....

     Kim Davis is just following the rule of law as demonstrated by so many mayors and supporters of sanctuary cities. Where's the consistency?

     If they can ignore federal law when it suits them, so can we – and I don’t care who calls me “homophobic.”

     Third, courtesy of PowerLine, here’s an article about the “Treason of the Professors:

     As of 2015, the West is losing the 4GW [fourth generation war] Islamism declared for three reasons. First, at the most basic level—understanding what the war is about—Islamists enjoy a near-decisive edge: whereas they are fixed on extending their religious, political, and legal domain across the world, the West quests after a fuzzy vision of a democratic, rule-of-law Islamic world where rights of confessional minorities are respected, goods and ideas are freely exchanged, and incentives to religious radicalism are diminished.

     It gets better and more detailed from there...and yes, the author, William Bradford, has already begun to suffer for it. (I’ve downloaded the whole thing in case it should mysteriously vanish.)

     Fourth, Milo Yiannopoulos continues his coverage of the surprising success of #GamerGate:

     It has been a year since I wrote my first article on GamerGate, the remarkable online uprising against atrocious journalism and wacky social justice warriors in the world of video games. What a year it’s been!

     The more I consider what gamers have done over the past twelve months – how they havestruck fear into the previously unchallenged bullies of the authoritarian Left, with their kooky, discredited, preposterous theories and terrible journalism – the more I am convinced: gamers are something like the hobbits of the culture wars. Regular readers will know I’m a fan of tortured analogies, so buckle up.

     Read it all. It’s one of the few things I’ve seen lately that lift my spirits.

     Fifth, if you have yet to read it, this article on “the coming Middle-Class anarchy” is an important mile marker in our moral and ethnic devolution-via-politically-created “moral hazard.” No pull quote this time. Just read it, and reflect on the implicit dynamic of a political culture that consciously creates incentives for honest people to lie, cheat, and steal.

     Sixth and last, at least for today...

     I’m tired. At my age, that’s not unusual. But I’m more than just physically tired. My anxiety over the way things are trending has never been this high, and it’s wearing away my will to continue with these tirades.

     Glenn Beck’s classic peroration just below resonates with me. We – my generation and those that have followed it – have done next to nothing to defend ourselves against the incursions being made against us. It’s become clear that it’s not enough to vote for “good guys,” as it’s too easy for elected officials to claim they “can’t” folow through on their pledges...or simply to ignore them. A lot of folks thought FDR would balance the federal budget and strengthen the gold standard, both of which were parts of his campaign platform. Need I remind any Gentle Reader what really happened?

     I’ll probably keep going for awhile. Momentum and all that. But I’m unsuited to being “a voice crying in the wilderness.” I need to see results, and I don’t mean election results.

     Beck is spot on. Either we reverse America’s course right BLEEP!ing now or we’re doomed. We might not like to hear it. We might prefer to mind our own business, sit under our own vine and fig tree, and let the world go to Hell on its own. Sorry to say, the world is not that obliging.

     What, then, must we do?

     Think it over. I'm going to Mass. Prayer never hurts, and just now it's the only shot in my magazine. Perhaps you'll try it too.


Master Guns said...

What can we do? I'll take a jab at it.

1. Fix the commerce clause! No more court interpretations that give power to the federal government.I know that would create a lot of turmoil and severely limit Congressional authority. What's not to like about that one.

2. Repeal the 14th and 17 amendments. This gets rid of anchor babies, the supremacist clause, and gives states back their representation.Repeal the 16th amendment. States will fund the federal government based upon their population.

3. Limit all federal judges, including the supreme court, to 8 years. Congress must review all rulings of the supreme court within 60 days. No more terror of the 9 who actually rule the country.If we limit a President to two terms why would we give a lifetime job to anyone.

4. All federal laws sunset in 6 years unless review and renewed by the congress. Let them earn their money. Without the commerce clause they will have nothing to do.

5. Start recalling local officials for stupid stuff. That will get their attention.

6. Form an organization to demand these things be enacted. Congressman doesn't vote for them - recall!

7. Do it through social media. The broadcast, print and cable cartels will try and stop you at every turn. Ignore them they are dinosaurs.

I'm sure greater minds can come up with more.

Ron Olson said...

I give thanks to God every day for your cosmic views,wit,and intelligence. I am a former member of the rule following club. Lack of oxygen turns normal cells to cancerous ones on as little as 48 hours. So too does lawlessness of administrators convert normal folk to something more dark. When the game plan to unite us under one tyranny requires only chaos and lawlessness being lawful means being a bowling pin albeit a pin that stands itself back up and pays for the "privilege". We live in a comic book order now so only real people can appreciate logic. Those among still expecting justice and sense from the order will continue to be surprised.

GamegetterII said...

I think we're long past voting our way out of things.
We are now seeing the results of the leftist indoctrination centers our K-12 public schools,and leftist infiltrated colleges and universities have produced over the past 35-40 years or so.
The majority of our young people are sexless,mindless automatons who just accept the leftist bullsh*t,along with the ever growing police state.
The 1-2% of the population that comprise the LGBT freakshow have achieved"protected class" status,young kids who are not mature enough to know any better are told they can be a boy or a girl-our schools have "gender neutral" restrooms.

There has been no meaningful pushback against the left for that same35-40 period of time-the left is now firmly entrenched at all levels of governemnt,and took over the education of our children decades ago.

There is no difference between the GOP and the Democrats-there is no viable third party.


A phoenix always rises from the ashes.

JC said...

Off topic. My girlfriend of some 7 years died last night of a heat attack. She was found by her son, who did the resucitation routine and called 911. It was far too late, but he still feels guilty for not being there sooner. She and I had been on the phone until nearly 1:30 AM, and I remember her saying "I love you", and saying "I love you too". May I ask for prayers for the repose of the soul of Amy Bell, for ease of the heart of her son Tyler, and for me, a sinner.

Chuck said...

I don't believe limiting the terms of SC justices will accomplish anything as long as the SC retains their imaginary status as the final word. The only thing that stands a chance at making a difference is a federalism veto. When Congressional acts and SC decisions can be permanently vetoed by say 2/3 of state legislatures and executive regulations by a simple majority of states, we may have enough power to reclaim constitutional government.

Joseph said...

Sanctuary cities? Are state or local officials required to enforce federal statute law?

A much better left-wing analog for Kim Davis: the officials who, contrary to the Constitution, refuse to recognize the right to keep and bear arms.