Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Great Replacement and the death in Europe.

We must remain lucid, the illegals cannot be reduced to the level of potential economic players as German and French businessmen would like. These migrants are not abstract beings, existing out of time and space. They are men and women, many more men than women, bringing with them their own identity, practicing Islam, a religion sure of itself, and having a way of life that is radically different from ours. (…) The result of this historic process is clear: the definitive destabilization of the identity of European peoples who will not be able to take in these illegals, ever more numerous, or integrate them, even less assimilate them culturally. (…) In reality, we forcefully denounce and condemn this suicidal process of population substitution that dooms in the long run the civilization of our continent. A civilization that is distinguished by a Christian anthropological center, by a carnal heritage, that must be cherished and preserved, despite those whose minds have been sold to globalism.
~ Karim Ouchikh, president of SIEL (Sovereignty, Independence and Liberty), speaking before the German embassy in Paris on 9/24/15.

H/t: "SIEL protests Europe's immigration policy." By Tiberge, GalliaWatch, 9/25/15 (emphasis added).

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