Saturday, September 19, 2015

The two choices that we face.

What has paralyzed Westerners of good will is the mistaken assumption that we have been dealing with decent, honorable men in the ruling class. That is now an assumption that no sane person can afford to make, and listening to Angela Merkel and this guy just drive the point home. We are ruled by scum who want to destroy us and haven't a clue about the tragedy they have unleashed:
There’s a huge chasm between the ruling class of American society and those over whom they rule. It’s not simply a disagreement over the direction of society. In many respects, the duty of the ruling class is to guide their subjects to the right policies. In a sane society, the people in charge are smarter and more knowledgeable so they better be more right than the masses.

No, the dispute today is over the nature of society and it is an irreconcilable dispute. The ruling class of today imagines a world that does not include a thriving, rambunctious middle class that participates in the decision making. They imagine a world that looks a lot like feudalism, where the people are kept, like pets or farm animals. It’s a world that cannot accommodate the English speaking world’s idea of a citizen.

Estamos ciudadanos.
The choice before us is a simple one. Either the ruling class gets a new people or the people get a new ruling class. The ruling class, to their credit, have figured this out a long time ago. Mark Zuckerburglar is not spending millions to thwart reform efforts because he is a greed-head. It is an article of faith among the billionaire class that their survival depends on ending the concept of citizenship and that’s best achieved with open borders and mass migration.
"Irreconcilable Differences." The Z Man, 9/18/15.

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