Monday, September 28, 2015

The mask comes off.

A great many things are becoming clear about the attitude of elites in this world. Obama’s discretionary war on Syria and the E.U. surrender to mass Islamic immigration evidence an unmistakable contempt for the people of both areas.

Chuck Baldwin sheds further light on how the treason class thinks by quoting John Boehner on the topic of what it's like dealing with conservatives: “Garbage men get used to the smell of bad garbage.”[1]

This is a strange place to which we have come in the 226 years of this nation's existence when you consider that conservatives most closely reflect the views of the Founders and Ratifiers: that America should have a crippled federal government vastly inferior to the states and the Constitution, defended by a patriotic Supreme Court, should be a bulwark against the machinations of ambitious men.

Instead the New America is to be ruled by atheistic, clueless fools who are deluded as to their wisdom and capabilities. It is to be peopled by ignorant sybarites with no memory of or love for their ancestors and who yearn to be ruled by and fleeced by foreigners, savages, fools, and tyrants.

[1] "Trump Vs. Boehner: A Slugfest For The Soul Of The GOP." By Chuck Baldwin,, 9/24/15.


Dystopic said...

Progressivism wants to take over the West, so as to surrender it to Islamic tyranny. They claim Christianity is oppressive, etc... Yet they wish to replace us with greater oppression. They want to end Western European civilization, for it is not "progressive" enough. To replace it, they propose medievalist Islam.

These people hate humanity, hate themselves. They worship death. They long for the tyrant to come and tell them to obey.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I know it's linearism to say that the West had gradually improved until it really was on the cusp of extraordinary development and enrichment of common people. WWI and the already metasticizing cancer of socialism brought with them actual physical catastrophe and spiritual corruption, respectively. The powers failed to appreciate the destructive power of modern armies and literally made civilization-destroying decisions from the top.

Socialism rotted from below with a soufle of class hatred, hostility to free markets, and quite mad ideas about the perfectibility of humans. The hatred of one's own culture and its history makes politics a toxic brew wherein the lie has been raised to a new art form.

Large numbers of educated, intelligent people have been happy to travel on a yacht where the tiller has been lashed all the way to port. If one so much as suggests that the traditional and the familiar are good and the foreign is bad, one is branded as a thought criminal. Adulation of the minority, the foreign, and even the savage is civic duty of the highest order.

It's a tragedy that the majority, even at this late date, don't clearly see what is happening but there will come a time when viewing just one more feminist's video will cause all denial to crumble to dust. Pain, bloodshed, loss, and degradation are baked into the cake in our times. Solzhenitsyn's "pitiless crowbar of events" awaits all nations that abandon reason.