Monday, September 7, 2015

Hate Trump!

More vitriol for Mr. Trump. They do fear and hate him:
  • Trump supporters are "mouth breathing anti-Semites and white nationalists" – Jonah Goldberg.
  • "Donald Trump Is Porn for Nativists" – The Federalist.
  • "[C]ould transform the Republican Party into a coalition focused on white identity politics" – Ben Domenech, The Federalist.
  • "Trump's Immigration Plan Is Hardcore Porn for Nativists" – David Harsanyi, The Federalist, 8/19/15.
  • Ungallant behavior – Kevin Williamson, National Review, 8/7/15.
  • Buffoonery – Kevin Williamson, National Review, 8/7/15.
  • That blustery, Babbitty persona is really all he has – Kevin Williamson, National Review, 8/7/15.
  • Daft conspiracy theory that our illegal-immigration crisis is a result of the Mexican government’s intentionally flooding the United States with platoons of rapists – Kevin Williamson, National Review, 8/7/15.
  • Mind is so full of Trump that there isn’t any room for ideas, or even basic knowledge – Kevin Williamson, National Review, 8/7/15.
  • Bluster, as it turns out, can get a man pretty far in life – Kevin Williamson, National Review, 8/7/15.
  • Incapable of being embarrassed – Kevin Williamson, National Review, 8/7/15.
  • Delusional – Patrick J. McCloskey, American Spectator, 9/1/15.
  • "[W]ill walk across the unfrozen Potomac River on Inauguration Day to be sworn in" – Patrick J. McCloskey, American Spectator, 9/1/15.
  • “'[T]he Donald' is already providing the probable Democrat presidential nominee with talking points she can use to smear Republicans. He is also scaring the bejabbers out of Hispanics" – David Catron, American Spectator, 8/31/15.
  • “[A] dangerous, powerful billionaire-demagogue spouting hatemongering nonsense about mass deportation” – Glenn Greenwald, The Occidental Observer, 9/1/15.
  • "[T]urned invective and narcissism into an art form" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • "[S]implistic putdowns seem to garner ever more attention even as they become more monotonous and banal" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • [H]as flipped on all the issues" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • "[O]ften self-contradictory" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • "His narcissism is unlike Barack Obama’s serious sort" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15. The scourge of unserious narcissism!
  • "Trump's egotism is a caricature of narcissism itself" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • "[A] populist grandstander" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • "[T]he skills to turn the primary campaign so far into a war of raw emotion" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • "[H]is tasteless attack on John McCain" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15. McCain's service to POW/MIAs here.
  • Considerable liabilities – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15. The other GOP candidates having not a one, I assume.
  • Has "the political assets of our wired age — money, media savvy, celebrity, showmanship, looks, and vigor" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15. But otherwise clueless.
  • "[H]is no-brakes locomotive" – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • Slash-and-burn style without a coherent agenda – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • Gratuitously slurred one or more race/class/gender icons – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15. This is a bad thing?
  • More a bully than a truth-teller – Victor Davis Hanson, 9/1/15.
  • His immigration proposal "contains a few grains of rationality and a large helping of the sort of xenophobia and economic ignorance that appeals to a slice of the Republican base" – Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator, 8/18/15.
  • "[T]he rest of Trump’s 'plan' is a bitter stew served up by a man pandering to Angry White People with ideas both fanciful and harmful" – Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator, 8/18/15.
  • "His plan to require businesses to 'hire American workers first' has the stench of xenophobia backed up by the fist of government" – Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator, 8/18/15. The naked horror of xenophobia. Xenophila! That's what we need. More, more, more foreigners!
  • Trump's immigration plan is "a rabble-rousing political screed aimed at riling up the most angry and xenophobic among us" – Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator, 8/18/15.
  • Angry, ridiculous, and dangerous rhetoric – Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator, 8/18/15.
  • Superficial bombast – Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator, 8/18/15.
  • "Perhaps as a Jew I’m overly sensitive, but when I hear Trump speak I can’t help but think of 'Germany for the Germans.'” – Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator, 8/18/15.
  • "[A] man bursting with hatred and idiocy" – Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator, 8/18/15.
More insight on this:
Ideologically, as well as tactically, the American Right must be reconstituted if it is to actually speak to its constituency.

Nothing illustrates this more than the rise of Donald Trump, who has shown the real enemy of the White conservative base isn’t the “liberal media” but the Beltway Right itself. . . .

At a moment when the GOP base feels itself utterly under siege by the educational, media, cultural, and financial elite, the Republican chattering class has decided to join in the attack. . . .

* * * *

. . . In response to the great crises of the day, Conservatism Inc. has no answers. For its own supporters it has only contempt.[1]

[1] "Protective Stupidity." By Gregory Hood, Radix, 8/18/15.


JWMJR said...

I just came up with a new business plan. I'd like to get a street vendor permit in DC. I'd push a cart up and K street from lobby firm to lobby firm selling adult size diapers. I'll make a small fortune what with the way these guys are crapping their pants several times a day over Trump.

These idiot just can't grasp that the more vindictive they hurl the more immune to it Trump becomes. That the people who support him aren't doing it out of love for Trump but for their utter contempt for the RINO establishment is simply beyond their intellectual reach. They made this bed of nails, now they are being forced to lie in it and have the conservative base walk over them to get to Trump.

We haven't had this much entertainment in politics since I don't know when. Maybe we should mail them pocket dictionaries with a bookmark at "paradigm shift" because that is what this seems to be.

AnalogMan said...

Reading through that list confirms Goldberg's allegation that Trump is anti-Semitic. At least, by the definition of an anti-Semite as "someone the Jews don't like".

Didn't Trump's daughter marry a Jew? That must be awkward.

Col. B. Bunny said...

JWMJR, paradigm shift is what it is. 'Ol Remus last time around was against voting and I couldn't quite bring myself not to vote, though I had few illusions about the efficacy of voting. But, if a lot of people are anything like me, we can see that the game is rigged. Jeb has been pushed forward by some invisible force in spite of his being an obvious "gift" to us of another entry in the Bush Dynasty. Really? How more obvious can it be that such a bland nonentity is the Establishment favorite who are pushing him? Voters couldn't care less about him in my opinion. Now is the time where we want a president who mouths drivel about mass immigration?

The GOP is obviously the moderate wing of the left now and it's stunning passivity after 2014 has persuaded a lot of people that the game is not about electoral politics. Hence, paradigm shift. A lot of people are just disgusted and determined to hand the baton to Trump who appears to be someone who will enjoy breaking all the furniture that's been so carefully built and placed since 1988. The contrast with all the other GOP people is delicious. Like Zorba's said of his English friend, "Clever people are like grocers. They weigh everything."

Col. B. Bunny said...

AnalogMan, that's true. He bends over backward to affirm his fealty to Israel but it's not enough. I think it's his opposition to immigration that alarms them. It's a sacred obligation of organized Jewry and not a few wealthy Jews to keep our borders wide open. E.g., David Gelbaum's bribing of the Sierra Club to shut up about immigration, and the instantaneous rush to Arizona by the ADL and B'nai B'rith to oppose legislation that proposed to dovetail state law enforcement efforts with federal immigration enforcement.

What would be a hideous betrayal were unrestricted mass immigration to be demanded for Israel is holy writ for these Jews. It appears to be even more important than ardent support for Israeli interests.

Or, it may simply be that Trump is too much of his own man. An American politician unbeholden to any interests groups is a man who can change his mind as it pleases him. This could be a dangerous man indeed, especially if the charge of anti-Semitism can't be leveled at him.

JWMJR's point about a paradigm shift is on the money so it all hinges on how enraged the patriotic middle is over being lied to for 35 years on border enforcement and amnesty. We all saw that first movie, "Amnesty I." When new amnesties are blithely proposed, it finally makes blood boil.

Joseph said...

In a related story, the far left is convinced The New York Times is a mouthpiece of capitalism.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Joseph, I have a very dear and very intelligent friend who thinks that Obama has been unable to get much done because he is "too conservative."