Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cracks in the dam.

Trust in the economic system, financial markets, political parties, mainstream media, and generational social contract has been destroyed. Rampant irresponsible fraud, abuse, deception, and deceit by the moneyed interests, lackey politicians, their government apparatchiks, media mouthpieces, and legal system have shattered the illusion the establishment is looking out for your best interests. The revelations by Edward Snowden of illegal mass surveillance, militarization of local police forces, military exercises in US cities, attempts to roll back the 2nd Amendment, and trying to control the internet has revealed the true nature of the corporate fascist state. The disintegration of trust began slowly after 9/11 but accelerated rapidly over the last three years. Our leaders have done the exact opposite of what needed to be done after 2008. Everything they have implemented has failed. The average American is worse off than they were in 2009 at the depths of the recession.[1]
As Mr. Quinn goes on to say:
The regeneracy [i.e., the return to sanity, not necessarily in a familiar or pleasant form] has been delayed, but this has allowed the anger, bitterness, and dismay with the government to grow to staggering proportions. The country is growing desperate for someone to lead. Ignoring the debt, civic decay and global disorder is no longer acceptable. It’s time for someone to step forward and tell the people the truth.[2]
Reality can only be ignored and papered over for so long and tra la la must eventually give way to actual sacrifice, a concept that engenders more horror in most of us than a Hillary Rodham nightmare where she's beset by flying monkeys yelling "cattle futures."

In short,

  1. the treason class is beyond indifferent to the wishes and needs of the American people;
  2. what the treason class has done to "try" to solve our problems was the opposite of what was needed;
  3. what they did failed;
  4. our problems can no longer be ignored; and
  5. it's time for a leader to tell us the truth.
Ergo, Donald Trump.

[1] "Fourth Turning: Crisis of Trust – Part 2." By Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform, 9/14/15.
[2] Id.

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