Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Black racism: "Wrong 'hood, bitch."


H/t: Infowars.

Update 9/9/15: The video crashes here, at the original Infowar site, and when access is attempted directly on the LiveLeaks site. The video depicts a hard, vicious punch to the head of a young white woman minding her own business outside a store by a young black man with his pants down around his thighs and underwear showing. He stomps on her on or near her head and a young black woman holds the victim's arm while she's on the ground and kicks her several times in the head. Another similarly-dressed black male appears to say something that causes the attackers to desist. All the time the male is striking the woman he repeats, "Wrong 'hood, bitch."


Reg T said...

I prefer .45 ACP for a situation such as this, but the victim should at least have been carrying pepper spray.

I say this without having watched the video clip, Col. The rage I'm sure I would feel seeing the actual incident would be unhealthy. I moved to where I currently reside partly to avoid the necessity of dealing with scum like these, as I would certainly be imprisoned the first time I observed something like this and responded as I know I would.

My immediate neighbors (.25 - 1.5 miles away) all share similar feeling concerning the bulk of the black race/culture, as all three of us males (and one of the wives) have worked as peace officers in inner city neighborhoods at one time or another. And things were not this bad back then.

The conservative folks in the cities should be developing QRTs using tactics similar to what the "DC Snipers" used to covertly deal with animals like these. Vehicle trunks, covered pickup beds, and vans could all be used to thin their ranks. DSAF: doing society a favor.

Yes, I understand that those who would drag us kicking and screaming into a complete socialist tyranny would probably love to see a race war.

I was raised to be "color"-blind, to coexist, and in the service I worked with blacks who were decent men, although I ran into the racist blacks, too. But, when I see women and children attacked by scum like this, I lose my ability to be tolerant of our differences.

I would prefer to be a separatist, but the dynamics we are seeing are pushing me further along that spectrum into wanting to strike back. It is a sad thing.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The video's as you well know. It's one of the starker ones I've seen but thankfully without apparent serious injury to the victim.

I moved to my present AO for much the same reasons as yours but there many other good reasons to be where I am.

These foolish blacks who think it's open season on whites all year round are playing with fire. 7:1 odds are good odds, way I see it, if your the "1".

It's all fluid as heck. Some kind of an economic spasm is inevitable and whether depression or collapse, the very worst thing that can happen to blacks will be a reduction or end to stuff for their FSA. Metabolic needs are about as real as it gets and will do much to educated as well as stimulate rash action, which won't end well.

Col. B. Bunny said...

there are many