Monday, September 14, 2015

And now we turn over a rock in the West Indies.

Possibly a Jamaican with some choice views on migration to Europe:

An excerpt:

Going to Europe feels that it's more than just me bettering myself. It's about conquest and noble conquest. We are taking Europe from the European and they're too stupid to ever fight back. And if they do, just call them racists or Nazis or they back down like cowards. They would rather you rape their daughters and wife than be called a Nazi. (Laughs.) They cut off their own balls before growing some to stand up to you.
H/t: Bodicacia comment at The Last Refuge.


furball said...

jees, I've got to go to bed.

If there are no "Europeans" or any individual to stand up to this calumny, then what the heck?

I know Ann and others figure you'll just need to shoot these ignorant, lying bastards. But isn't there anyone in Europe willing to stand up first and speak up for the heroism of the European people?

The Gates of Vienna. The printing press. The Treaty of Westphalia. Locke. Hume. Magna Carta. Voltaire. Descartes.

And he talks about, "They would rather you rape their daughters and wife than be called a Nazi. (Laughs.)"

WHO TALKS ABOUT RAPING DAUGHTERS? *YOU*, you misogynistic son of a bitch.

If you accept any of this . . . no

My politicians ARE accepting this. Ok, so they don't grab a gun and shoot the next Islamist in the head (which they deserve.) But why aren't they speaking out against this death-cult?

Tim Turner

Ron Olson said...

I'd like to know who wrote his script. He flubbed a line and read "laughter" rather than laughing. Something smells like set-up.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Turner, this gent performs a valuable service by giving us insight into the minds of the men we see in the rubber rafts and torching cars in Paris. The media like to overlay a patina of "poor souls hoping for a better life and escaping hopelessness in their home countries" but the reality is much different. It's fantastic to see a face and hear the voice tones of an actual future "immigrant."

Much less should alert whites in the countries targeted for destruction but nothing appears to wake whites up. Enoch Powell knew instantly a very long time ago what was happening but his colleagues and fellow subjects just will not see what is in front of their face.

Well, like the knockout games and wildly disproportionate black-on-white crime in the U.S., this is but another phenomenon that chips away at the good will whites have shown blacks. I think whites are patient and slow to anger but blacks have no idea of the fury that is building in us, especially when we see that smug bastard laugh at our kindness, charity, and forebearance.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Olson, I missed that flub, possibly because I bailed after absorbing the gist of what this fool was saying part way through.

I don't so much see it as a setup but rather a matter of his being an inexperienced on-camera speaker. He appears to use a stop camera switch that allows him to pause the camera between sentences. The effect is a good one because it appears to be combined with something that makes the transitions from one segment to the other less obvious. Writing from memory here. That's something I've not seen before (if I'm correct).

Col. B. Bunny said...

Dr.D, I had difficulty with that GoV article as it seemed to complexify a situation that is simpler than that author believes. I'm hugely in support of the Christian religion personally even though I'm not a believer and probably never will be. However, it's not just the absence of trinitarianism in the life of the West but the turning away from a workable and decent way of living and toward lies, absurdities, and destruction that are the problem.

The Trinity is a very abstract concept to me that creates more problems than it solves for believers and potential converts. As are hell fire, earthly travails, and sola fide. Be that as it may, I say to ardent secularists, if you think the Trinity and all the rest are bad, wait till you experience life without it.

The jeering ape on that video does teach us a great lesson, I think. It allows us to catch a glimpse inside the heads of all those young men traveling toward Europe. That ass is intelligent and knows damn well that his goal is to be as destructive as he can possibly be and to cause as much pain as he possibly can.

He teaches Westerners that They Are Out There and They Are in the Boats and on the Planes.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Dr.D, I've gone to the river many times but can't cross over. I recognize the value of the values taught and the redeeming grace that some very fine people I know have experienced. I simply can't read more than a half a page of the Bible before I get impatient or distracted. A bit like reading that German scholar's take on things.

Still, I'm hoping that my time in that lake of fire can be kept to 10,000 years or less. :-) At least I'll get to see a lot of my old friends!

I can see that proclaiming the Trinity would be essential when dealing with the Muslim claim that Jesus was just a prophet. Huge ramifications either way, though, of course, it was all decided before that little difficulty presented itself.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Dr.D, a thousand pardons. I missed your request to communicate directly but will do so forthwith.

Joseph said...

I have a theory on why Lenin said that capitalists would sell communists the rope used to hang capitalists. It was in order to encourage increased state control over otherwise capitalist economies. That would help nullify the main capitalist advantage.