Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Birds of a feather.

“Eric Cantor doesn’t represent you,” Brat bluntly warned. “He represents large corporations seeking a never-ending supply of cheap foreign labor. He doesn’t care about how this will affect your livelihood, your schools, your tax bills or your kids’ chances of finding a job.” [1]
Cantor had his ass handed to him in 2014 by Dave Brat.

Cantor supported:

  • the DREAM Act for illegal alien students,
  • "huge" H-1B visa increases, and
  • "massive" immigration expansions.

Cantor was supported by:

  • the Blackstone Group ($65,500),
  • Goldman Sachs ($26,000),
  • Oracle ($25,000), and
  • the American Chemistry Council.

Cantor has now endorsed Jeb Bush.

[1] "Jeb Bush Endorsed By Eric Cantor: Poster Boy of the Beltway GOP Crapweasels." By Michelle Malkin, Vdare.com, 9/1/15.

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