Saturday, April 6, 2019

A giant helping of reality.

Cliff Notes version: You ain't jack, sunshine. The Constitution has been tossed and we've got us here a gigantic federal government with the bit between its teeth. That ship done sailed. If the political system happens to have served your interests in some way last month, rest assured it was a mistake and it will shortly be rectified. And that issue that vexes you so? Wellll, this time, Charlie Brown[1], it will be different. But your congressman is dying to hear from you and his 599,999 other constituents. He really is.

The article, upon which the following comment was made, is illuminating as it makes crystal clear the banker-insider lock on the legislative process by means of which they were able to destroy the livelihood of small foreign exchange traders in the U.S. Small Forex traders may not mean much to you but the ones who ended up with all the cheese were the biggest banks and the likes of George Soros. Surprise, surprise. So the bell tolls for us schlubs as well.

It's also pretty clear about the corruption of the Clinton bribe-taking foundation and the useless oversight mechanism supposedly established to scrutinize foreign dealings that impact our national security. National security is a quaint concept these days and it most certainly does not include closing our borders to and deporting foreign invaders. Are you nuts?

From this standpoint, commenter jfhandk's kind-of-out-there views hardly seem that odd, but maybe that's just me:

When you have absolute power, you can get away with just about anything.

Don't forget the Dim's infatuation with satanism, pedophilia, fagotry and islam, to name a few.

And [there's] even [the trifling matter of] treason to try to falsely remove a presidential candidate and ultimately a sitting POTUS.

We can safely assume that virtually all Dims, and most pols, are double-agents, getting paid (off) by organised crime or foreign powers.[2]

What is inaccurate about his first point, pray tell? If open borders aren't the grossest betrayal that a political elite can visit on a nation what are they exactly? Most white people are outraged by open borders but the Great White Hope of Our Time has been totally stymied -- if he's not a conscious agent or captive of the immigration lobby (which point I am prepared to argue). But the Treason Class couldn't care less about what whites think. They have an absolute lock on the political process and public sentiment means nothing. Yes, Trump upset them terribly but he was and is a fluke and matters will be rectified by two or six more years of ethnic inundation and Dems paying more attention to the basics, such as vote fraud and Electrical College realities.

Tony Podesta taste in art.
If, by any chance, you think jfhandk's second sentence is a bit much, then consider this stomach-churning piece by Diana West.

As for his third sentence, well, the Deep State/Dems/prog commie Never Trumpers HAVE gotten away with treason. NOWHERE has Trump ever directly addressed the matter of an attempted coup. He's talked about "collusion" and issued general denials thereof but he's never addressed the American people and discoursed in plain words about this coup. (Same with the invasion over the southern border. It will be a cold day in hell before Trump utters the word "invasion." He WILL NOT plant his colors in the rich ground of Art. I, Sect. 4.) If Trump won't name the crime, let's not lose sleep over any odd failure to deal with insurrection, treason, or invasion.

Jfhandk's last sentence is inaccurate only because he needlessly limits his scorn to Dims, where it's clear we are dealing with bipartisan betrayal at every turn. Paul Ryan and the late aisle-crosser from Arizona come to mind.

Other comments by Utopia Planitia and ComeAndTakeIt are illuminating in a disturbing sort of way. The former describes the engine of decline exactly – destruction in the name of grasping for political power. The latter speaks of the Democrats as being part of a communist cult where "reason, logic and independent thought are not in the equation" and a hearty handshake for any who can prove him wrong.

[1] For my readers in Ulan Bator, Charlie Brown was a cartoon character who always believed his friend Lucy Brown when she said she would hold the football properly so he could kick it. She always lied but he always believed her.
[2] Comment by jfhandk on "How the Democrats Ruined my life and made me a Libertarian." By globalintelhub, ZeroHedge, 4/5/19.

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