Wednesday, April 24, 2019

At First, I Laughed. But Then...

...I became horrified.

Millennials actually believe that they have it WORSE than any previous American generation - INCLUDING those who lived through the Depression.

Clueless is a cute movie. It is NOT a basis for a life.

For those not familiar with the situation vis-a-vis the Baby Boomers, let me tell you. In 1969, the economy was BOOMING - about the same employment as today. Just a few short years later, we had:
  • Price controls - under Nixon
  • Skyrocketing credit rates - after years of lobbying by the credit companies, Carter lifted the limits that had been imposed by usury laws. Rates shot up to 17-18%, for GOOD credit risks.
  • Housing prices, and rates, were low at the start of the 70s. They gradually crept up. The dumbest thing I've ever said in my life, was "Honey, that interest rate is ridiculous (8.5%). My parents have a loan that's HALF that. Let's wait until the rates come down." My husband - blessedly - didn't hold my advice against me, but we were locked out of the market by inability to manage a loan until the late 80s - at which time, the prices had hit their highest level in years.
  • Jobs - hard to get, more vulnerable to layoffs, fewer benefits. Most women had to work - and it wasn't at cushy jobs with high salaries. Non-college grads had it worse. The Rust Belt was just written off - by both parties. If CA and/or Silicon Valley goes belly-up, don't look for sympathy from us (former Ohioan, family still living there). We were BOTH screwed, and sneered at. We DON'T forget.
Grow up, Millennials. If you aren't in severe danger of living on the street or in your car, having to skip meals, or living without cable, Internet, spare change for an occasional coffee, you aren't truly living close to the bone.

Not even.



Just take down the grid for 2-3 weeks. It'll be a culling of deadwood.

Cederq said...

You said a mouthful, and every word and statement is true. To think I have lived for forty five years before cell phones and internet... we must have been boring to be around.

Sam L. said...

My parents' first phone number (that I knew) was a party line and the number was 4682.


The other day I ranted at my kids after they whined about breakfast not being to their liking.

Did you sleep in a warm bed last night? Under a roof? Do you have a married mommy and daddy? Do you have electricity? Running water? Food in the fridge and cupboard? Do you have a car to drive you somewhere? Is the TV on and showing cartoons? Did you take a hot shower last night? Do you have to worry about someone shooting at you if you open the door?

Then congratulations! You are living better than (guessing) 80% of the people in the world TODAY, and better than 99% of the world EVER LIVED.

They ate. Not all of it, but they ate.

HoundOfDoom said...

I'm from Ohio as well. You brought back some painful memories. But they needed to be told. Am living close to a dream life in Cali. now, soon to move to Texas. People have NO idea how bad it can get, but I think when VR technology gets better, they won't care...

Micro said...

In one way I agree with the Millennials. Socialism has never been so prevalent in our country. It is *progressively* destroying freedom and opportunity.

Linda Fox said...

I live very well now - but, it took quite a few years of hard budgeting, and a whole lot of work by both me and my husband. And, to be fair, a certain amount of luck.

As far as the party line - we had one until 1964. And my dad WORKED for the phone company.