Tuesday, April 9, 2019

So, Man-Splaining is Bad

...but, TRANS-Plaining is just ducky?

Look. I'm not unreasonable. I'm fully on-board with providing surgery/meds for those unfortunate few who have chromosomal conditions, or ambiguous genitalia (including those boys who were victims of circumcision accidents). I would even add in those boys who, due to a GENETIC condition, around puberty, developed the appearance of a woman.

I'd even fight for their right to have any surgeries - cost permitting - that would make their lives a little easier. AND, for legislation that addressed those - and ONLY those - individuals.

That's a whole different thing from many of the 'transgenders' that are destroying women's sports.

If genetic men - those whose chromosomes have a Y for sex - want to compete, they can compete with other Y chromosome individuals.

The 'X' games should strictly be limited to those individuals who are X-only. Don't care whether it's X, XX, or XXX.

No Y's allowed.


Mark said...

I, for one, am heartily sick of being called "whatever-phobic" because I disagree with a position. Trans-phobic? Homophobic? Islamaphobic? Whatever reason does anyone have to be afraid of these groups? It's not like they choose to destroy a person's life and livelihood if they don't bow to their doctrine... oh, wait a sec.

It's time we turned the scales on the left. From now on, we should call the militant rainbow crowd "hetero-phobes." And the trans-activists as bio-phobes. And the "pro-choice" crowd, infanti-phobes, or perhaps vita-phobes.

Or the left, in general, "liberta-phobes."

IlĂ­on said...

Ultimately, they are Christo-phobes.

Tracy Coyle said...

AS the t-in residence (I guess...think...haven't noticed any others but we tend to be solitary/shy creatures)...

I agree. I was asked to compete in two sports but refused (they didn't know about my 'birth condition') because "I" knew it would be unfair.