Friday, April 19, 2019

OH School Initiates Expulsion of Student for Thinking Some Girls Hotter

Which, as any goodthink person knows, is a crime. He has been targeted by the school system, after being arrested for "telecommunications harassment", for listing The Hottest Girls of the School.

The arrest will likely not result in charges - it's a pretty clear 1st Amendment violation.

Here's my letter to the Superintendent:
Have you completely lost your mind? Has a raging feminist got pictures of you in drag, smoking crack?

The student certainly should be told to shut down the site. He should have to face those girls at school every day, noting their scorn and disapproval. Heck, if you wanted to keep him from participation in extra-curriculums, until he displayed more adult behavior, OK.



Not unless you ALSO expel all of those girls who contributed to making girls feel badly about themselves. As a retired OH teacher, I absolutely KNOW every high school in the country has a sizable number of “Mean Girls” who harass, lie about, attempt to drive to suicide/isolation/anoxeria/whatever, just because they can.

Are teens going to be talked about? Sure. Are they - too often - judged on superficials like looks, cars, clothing? Sure.

Ain’t gonna stop - this kind of repression will only drive it underground.

Your system should stop the expulsion process entirely. He’s a pig, not a criminal.

I’d take a wager that you have students who have engaged in actual crimes - some of them against girls - and still are not expelled.

BTW, I have access to blogs, and I intend to use them to expose this over-the-top response to a student’s exercise of Free Speech - you remember that Constitutional Right, don’t you?

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I'd be curious to know if you get a response, and if yes what it is.

I've written to any number of leftist Jews about the Islamic invasion. Despite presenting irrefutable evidence that the Islamists in Europe are taking over... despite irrefutable evidence their plans are a global caliphate with no room for Jews alive, anywhere... they persist. As do, also, the non-Jews on the Left in wanting the same thing (i.e., it's not a Jewish plot, it's a Leftist plot).

A while back I asked a leftist moron Jew if it would take her Shul getting firebombed to screams of ALLAHU AKBAR! to wake her up. I gave a link to just such an event in Sweden. I asked if it would take a Jewish girl in a schoolyard of a Jewish school shot down by a Muslim, point blank... and gave an example. Example after example after example, each time asking if this would be enough.

She came back, after New Zealand, with "See what your hate brings?"

A good friend of mine calls Leftists "not fully formed individuals". I concur. There's a circuit missing in their intellects - the ability to take information that doesn't match what they think and take it under consideration.