Sunday, April 14, 2019

Tundra tyranny.

Nowadays, making political candidates and dissident voices invisible and depriving people of their livelihoods is job number one for the political elites. James Kirkpatrick turned over that rock last year in his coverage of the mayoral campaign of Faith Goldy in Toronto, Polarbearstan's answer to The Matrix.
Still, RT provided one of the best breakdowns of the deplatforming campaign against Goldy:
In every avenue of her activity, obstacles have been created not just to delegitimize Goldy, but to make her campaign difficult, if not impossible.

Patreon, a major source of income for non-mainstream public actors, shut her out in May, while PayPal closed her account in July. Campaigners have attempted to no-platform her to deny her access to speaking venues, and organizers barred her from mayoral debates, claiming she did not fill out a form, something Goldy, who gatecrashed the debate anyway, denies.

Bell and Rogers, the two large media conglomerates dominating the landscape, have both accepted money to run her adverts, and then refused to run them, defending this as a business decision.[1]

Mr. Kirpatrick found what you usually find under a rock. The leftist PressProject – having no interest in promoting anything like a free press – reached deep into its kit bag of original observations to allow how Russian "propagandists" were hard at work. They were planting the totally false idea that Goldy was being ground into Yukon mine tailings by that faction of Canadian society being charter members of The Vicious Prick School of Democratic Governance.

Kirkpatrick rather aptly notes on the hyped foreign threats in Canada (and America):

Meanwhile, however, the same media outlets that claim to be concerned about foreign interference are openly shilling for mass immigration, even though each foreigner that occupies our territory effectively disenfranchises one American or Canadian citizen.[2]
Strain at a gnat, swallow a camel.

I wonder what happened to Ms. Goldy's white privilege.

[1] "'Managed Democracy'—Faith Goldy’s Heroic Mayoral Run, The MSM, And Steve King." By James Kirkpatrick,, 10/23/18.
[2] Id.

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