Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Proprieties

     With a well-chosen set of citations on the Mueller investigation and the assorted reactions to it, Mike Hendrix strikes the jugular. It’s essentially un-excerptable. Please read it all.

     Yet the NeverTrumpRump continues to bad-mouth the president. Why? Quoth David French:

     Glenn Reynolds takes a chainsaw to this. French, who seems to know very little about the history of the presidency (and thinks far too much of himself, besides), should take note. The best president of the 19th Century, Grover Cleveland, admitted to having fathered an illegitimate child. Several 20th Century presidents have been discovered to be adulterers, drug users, and guilty of other low-life conduct.

     Having said that, yes: Donald Trump has been divorced twice and married thrice. It is likely that he’s had affairs both during and outside his marriages. It’s possible that one of those affairs was with porn star Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford. Yet we elected him. He suits us. And the reasons are not far to seek.

     Oddly, the central reason nominally conservative NeverTrumpers, including failed presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, detest Trump is the reason millions of Americans have come to love him: He fights. He doesn't regard himself as bound by specious rules about how "Republicans must observe the proprieties" or "Our public officials must maintain collegiality" when his enemies are trying to destroy him. "The proprieties" and "collegiality" aren't for all-out combat situations; they're for when you're standing alone on the field of battle and your enemies are bleeding out at your feet.

     In this connection, note the glaring lack of conservative accomplishments characteristic of the NeverTrumpers. Romney, of course, is responsible for inflicting a version of ObamaCare on Massachusetts when he was its governor. Jeb Bush’s tenure as Florida’s governor is unmarked by any achievement. As for the NeverTrumpers who merely bellow from the pages of supposedly conservative magazines and websites, nothing more need be said. Were President Trump to challenge any of these to a political measuring contest, they’d be humiliated – and Trump has only been in public office two and a quarter years.

     I was once dubious about Donald Trump as president. I felt he lacked the temperament required by the office. I have never been so happy to be proved wrong. He has the temperament the office has needed for a long, long time. It’s called fighting spirit. He fights!

     Trump in 2020!



There is a blogger, a liberal, with whom I occasionally used to engage - no longer, having proven herself a Teflon Intellect - who questioned why I supported Trump. I said HE FIGHTS.

An imperfect, flawed instrument, but then we all are. G-d works in mysterious ways. Many of the heroes of antiquity were also flawed.

TRUMP 2020. Make liberals scream again.

Ragin' Dave said...

As the story goes about Lincoln being told of General Grant's drinking, and he responded "Find out what he's drinking and give it to my other generals!"

The conservative establishment haven't conserved anything. The GOP "elite" exist only because the voting base hates the Democrats more than the GOP. If the GOP had anything to offer other than failed platitudes, empty promises and stabbing their support in the back, then Donald Trump would never have won the nomination.

The Tea Party was the civil, polite response to government over-reach. Once in power, the GOP scorned them.

Donald J Trump is the still civil but impolite response to government over-reach. The GOP had better damn learn, because the next response will be uncivil.

Reg T said...

Mr. French quite obviously ignores truth no matter how plain it may be.

A free people _were_ asked what kind of man they wanted at the helm of the world's greatest nation - or what was once the greatest nation. They chose a man who swore to make this country great again. They chose Donald Trump.