Monday, April 8, 2019

If You Know an Ohio Voter

Please urge them to work AGAINST the proposed Constitutional amendment to force electors to vote for the candidate who wins the most votes nationally.

Essentially, this nullifies your vote, unless you fall in line with those voting in CA and NY. Doesn't matter who you vote for, your state's Electoral Votes will be counted for the candidate with the most votes overall.

As ALL the backers are Dems and RINOs, it would seem that the party has chosen this way of bypassing those Deplorables who refuse to go along with the Democratic selection.

How DARE they not fall in line with the choice of their Betters!

In OH, the proposed amendment needs to get sufficient signatures to get that proposal on November's ballot.
...supporters would then have until July 3 to collect 442,958 valid signatures from registered voters in at least 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties.
 Given that all of Ohio has a little more than 8 million voters, of whom a little over 1/2 turned out in the last election, that means that as few as 5% of the voters could determine whether you are disenfranchised - forever.

They only have until July 3 - 3 months - to collect all of those signatures. All Non-Dems need to get together to fight this assault on our freedom to have our votes counted.

First, Ohioans need to mobilize to challenge every signature. The GOP needs to bring in people with tech skills (database/analysis, not web page design), and have them look for patterns of fraud in the collection process.

Then, they need to check Zillow and Google Earth to see if the purported address actually exists. If not, immediate challenge to all using that address, AND to the organization that supplies those phony signatures.

Second, find all signers sharing the same address. These are highly likely to be fake. Rather than challenging the signatures, do an end run. Use that data to report the owner to the Housing Courts/Zoning Commissions for exceeding habitation rules. This should flush out the phony signatures, which could then be reported - with government documentation - as not legally present at that address.

Keep track of those people's names, and put them on a list that can be used challenge them at the polls if they show up, either in that precinct, or another. Use that proof that they lied about their address to challenge the legality of their registration.



Already emailed every Ohio person (granted that I can count that number on one hand) I know...

Linda Fox said...

Bless you. If every reader just did that, it might make the difference.


Let me be clear.

1. I do NOT want CW2 - even if some on our side (and theirs) are itching for one.
2. I will do everything in my ability to avoid one - through words and actions.
3. If, as I fear deep in my soul, CW2 happens, I want it on my soul's record that I did my best to forestall it.
4. On the day the shooting starts, my attitude shifts: "I do not talk with liberals; they are only for killing".