Wednesday, April 3, 2019

What Trump doesn't do.

People give Trump slack because he's locked in a battle royale with the Deep State and The Resistance. He's preoccupied, some say, with the egregiou Russian Collusion battle.

Which is nonsense, of course. Generals have staff officers to identify the size, disposition, capabilities, and intentions of enemy forces and to advise him on what resources he has to defeat the enemy. But to watch Trump you'd swear it's only he and his Twitter account that stand between us and the enemies of truth and decency. He's got the whole federal bureaucracy at his disposal but, no, he's Horatio at the bridge. Just him. He couldn't even order the DOJ to turn over the unredacted documents his allies in Congress were demanding. "Someone should do something" is a locution he's used when it's no one else's responsibility to act, direct, order, or command but his.

Does he have legal counsel? Does he have officials who are charged with enforcement of immigration laws? Does he have a Department of Justice to pursue AntiFa scum? Does he have officials who can advise him about commerce and the deleterious influence of monopolies? Advisers who can tell him what's going on in the realm of ballot integrity? You wouldn't know it by listening to him speak. His grand strategy is a state secret and if he understands the Constitution he's keeping that capability under wraps as well.

What comes from him is a formless mass of half-formed ideas and barely articulate attempts to express simple ideas. It's not deal making that's Trump's forte but his ability to obfuscate and deflect. Is immigration an aspect of American life that has more than one dimension, to wit, the wall and physical barriers to entry? Of course it is and e-Verify is one of the sharpest swords in his closet but he never mentions it and never ever presumes to hold Congress to account for failing to list 10 priority immigration measure that need to be addressed. He's always the passive actor. The one who is on his hind foot all the time as he waits for the next blow to land.

Jared Taylor captures the essence of Trump in the video below. All we got, folks, but AWOL on many vital matters:

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