Monday, April 15, 2019

Quickies: An Important Project Has Hit The Anvil

     Co-Conspirator Linda Fox and longtime friend and reader Pascal have suggested a compilation of the “Death Cult” pieces, from here, Eternity Road, and the Palace of Reason into a downloadable pamphlet for the convenience of pro-life activists. It immediately struck me as an immensely worthy undertaking, so I’m heading into it at once. Accordingly, I expect not to post, other than this announcement, until I’ve finished it.

     I intend to put the completed work at Amazon for $0.99. (Amazon balks at making a publication permanently free, so that’s the best I can do.) Stay tuned.


Pascal said...

Wonderful Fran.

One more thing that is missing. Early on in your efforts you wrote of "an angle of exploration deriving from traditional Judeo-Christian ideas of sacrifice, which deserves deep reflection and, in the sweet rushing fullness of time, its own screed. As your Curmudgeon likes to say at such times, more anon."

As I never saw that "screed" come about I took my own crack at it in 2006. Here it is.

Feel free to borrow from it or to use it to inspire further investigation.


Pascal said...

As the wayback machine is sometimes uncooperative, the following was created. It contains a complete re-posting of "Sacrifice." It also contains the link to an additional follow up essay link plus spelling correction.