Monday, April 22, 2019

Pearls of expression.

Washington is not attempting to remove the government in Damascus to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people – it is causing immense suffering among the Syrian people to remove the government in Damascus.

While Washington has lost its war against Syria, it continues its war on peace. It will spoil attempts by Syria to move forward – and by doing so – and more than anything else – illustrating to the world that its own malign interests and agenda wrecked the region – not “ISIS” and not “Iranians” or “Russians.”[1]

The U.S. swinishly refuses to contribute anything to the reconstruction of Syria. Look at the devastation in any Syrian city and think to yourself, “Caused by the illegal and unconstitutional U.S. war on Syria.” The U.S. has an absolute lock on insufferable arrogance and chicken-shit meddling.

[1] "US Defeat in Syria Leaves Only a Campaign of Spite." By Tony Cartalucci, 21st Century Wire, 4/21/19.

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