Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Notre Dame

     It wasn’t the most glorious of Christendom’s cathedrals, but it was one of the oldest. It was deeply embedded in the history of France. Now a lot of it is gone. Will it be restored? A good question, given Europe’s flight from Christianity and its welcome of Muslim savages. Indeed, I would expect restoration efforts to be opposed rather vigorously, especially if the French government proposes to lend a hand. Can’t afford to anger the Muslims!

     This is what Europe has done to itself. Yes, I know the “official story” is that the fire was “an accident.” I also remember the old maxim about such things: “Never believe anything political until it is officially denied.”

     The despicable Ilhan Omar referred to the cathedral somewhat dismissively as “art and architecture.” But then, Omar is a Somali Muslim, and is given to excusing Muslims and Islam for anything and everything. (Hey, so “some people did something.” So what?) On the other hand, she regards depictions of the horrors of September 11, 2001, which I still call Black Tuesday, as a threat to her life. She got some concurrence from the equally despicable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who called a video of the attack “triggering.”

     My God, yes, it’s “triggering.” Any red-blooded American should feel his trigger finger twitching as he watches it. He should yearn for a properly sighted-in rifle, ten thousand rounds to hand, and a federal declaration of “open season,” to continue until every Muslim within our borders is a corpse.

     How can any American worthy of the name watch what Europe is suffering yet support the continued importation of Muslims to our shores? For many do, as if we owe them something, though specifics on that matter are sorely lacking. After those Muslim “refugees” have been here a short while, they start trying to recreate the hellholes from which they emerged, by creating Islamic exclaves, bullying and terrorizing American Christians and Jews, and “progressively” inflicting shari’a law upon regions of American cities. Yet the Left tells us we’re supposed to welcome them, in the name of “diversity.” Note that these selfsame cheerleaders for mass Islamic immigration have no sympathy for Christian refugees from Islamic persecution. I can’t help but wonder why.

     It’s happening throughout the U.S. It’s pervaded my state. The political class and the Legacy Media are blandly dismissive of it all.

     That’s all for the moment. I feel my blood pressure peaking and need to decompress. Perhaps I’ll be back later.


Junior said...

Thanks for good article

Oldfart said...

I'm old and have seen things I wish I could unsee but those things have hardened me somewhat, So now it takes something special to crack my shell. As I watched the black smoke billowing from the roof of Notre Dame... I cried.

daniel_day said...

Notre-Dame was more than a church, it was a work of art. I'm waiting for conclusive evidence that this tragedy was an outrage, rather than a very unfortunate accident.
If it turns out to be the work of the group most of us probably suspect it to be, I have not given up on the ability and willingness of the French to do something substantive about it. By "the French", I exclude their perfidious, despicable political leadership and their supporters.