Friday, April 19, 2019

At Times, We Wonder Whether Blogging Makes a Difference

Sure, there are those rare times when a post is re-shared multiple times, to the extent that it makes that blogger's/blog's reputation. Even in the early days, during Blogging's heyday, that was rare.


A scoop or a many-times-mentioned blog post seldom leaves a lasting impact.

We don't - generally - blog for money or fame. We blog because we enjoy the process of communication, the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, and the possibility of affecting someone else's opinion/thinking about an issue we feel strongly for or against. For some of us, it's a way of letting off steam without risking losing our long-suffering family.

In the recent run of politics, did blogging make a difference? Probably. It certainly did provide an alternative to the Rabid Mainstream Media (RMM), who actively hunted anything even faintly resembling evidence against anyone even remotely associated with Trump. Without a steady analysis of the specious nature of the "evidence", Trump might well be on the way out.

He is, BTW, not out of the woods yet - we now have the Left spinning the Mueller Report as a "Blueprint for Impeachment". And, given the ferocity with which the Left yearns to exact payback for the Clinton Impeachment - yes, Bill Clinton WAS impeached, but not convicted - this is not over.

However, the very crazed nature of the Left is beginning to make it obvious to Schlitchter's Normals that voting for the Non-Left is a safer choice. Fewer Goodies, but More Sanity.


Mike Miles said...

Blogging does make a difference.
We are not likely going to change the world, and we will convert few on the left.
I see our mission as bloggers is in providing a safe haven, comfort and the knowledge that we are not alone in our beliefs, that there are others that see through the lies of the mainstream media. That we are united in our resistance to their lies and corrupt misdirection.

Glenda T Goode said...

I see reading blogs like this one as an affirmation of my beliefs. The left uses every chance it gets to create doubt and to question the validity of my beliefs. It is easy to be swept up in this reverie of doubt and doom that the left spins.

Reading the thoughts of others who like me feel like they are in the wastelands offers hope that our 'side' is valid and we do have a large group of like minded souls.

Avoiding the pitfall of feeling isolated in one's major beliefs is the most important mission of bloggers like Linda or Francis.

Kye said...

Of course blogs like this are needed. Like Mike and Glenda said, if for no other reason than to let us know we're not alone. But I like to think these blogs let them know we're not defeated.

Drake's Place said...

Very good post, Linda. And echoing all the above comments.

Let's hope "we" have some impact on others, with what we write, even if the impact is less than what we'd like it to be.

Sam L. said...

The leftist media is totally untrustworthy.

Brian E. said...

Do not be discouraged. Your efforts are of far greater value than you may believe - because you are feeding the remnant.

Michael Stone said...

I'm not sure how much difference it makes to the big picture. I do know I'd go mad if these conversations were not taking place out in the 'sphere...