Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Con artist.

Trump has no interest in building the wall or in restricting immigration. Period. Action on e-Verify? Action on birthright citizenship? Action on remittances? Action on vote fraud? Total freeze on H-1A and H-1B visas? Troops on the border? Pressure on Mexico? Don't make me laugh. Path to citizenship? Always in style.
Nearly everything Trump has done in the name of restricting immigration has turned out to be an empty gesture and mere theatrics: threatening to close the border, offering protections to “Dreamers” in exchange for funding for the ever-elusive wall, threatening to end the “anchor baby” phenomenon with an executive order (which never came to pass), cutting off aid to Central American countries, claiming that he will appoint an “immigration czar” (and then proceeding to appoint McAleenan instead of Kobach as DHS secretary), and on and on.[1]
Invaders are not repelled. They are allowed in and then released into the wind.

It's all cringing surrender to the globalists.

Where do the founding people of this country go now?

[1] "Trump’s Betrayal of White America." By Alex Graham, Counter-Currents Publishing, 4/8/19.

H/t: The Unz Review.


Andy Texan said...

I disagree. Patently defeatist. Not worth reading or posting by Alex Graham.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Copy that. I think the weight of the evidence is, however, with the Coulter position: Much Trump talk but little action. Even now Trump refuses to speak of his powers under Art. IV, Sect. 4 and instead insists accidentally-on-purpose on speaking of his powers to repel invasion as being somehow circumscribed by a statute dealing with "emergencies."

More than two years down the pike there's another "caravan" of invaders on the march somewhere in Mexico and it's A CERTAINTY that its members will be loose INSIDE our country within days of their arrival at our "border." American infantry will roam the hills of Afghanistan but in their entire careers will never patrol one foot of the American border. The reality on the border at this very second are exactly what they've been since Reagan caved in to the Dems in the '80s. Mr. Trust-But-Verify didn't get snookered by the Dems. He surrendered to them, as has every president since then.

This isn't defeatism. It's reality. Please make your case for how there has been a sea change in what is happening at the border.