Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Ultimately Taboo Topic

     I’ve written before about taboos, specifically the Left’s tabooing of particular words as “hateful,” “racist,” “sexist,” or what-have-you. The Left’s attempt to exert linguistic control over us is a great part of its overall strategy. It makes it more difficult for conservatives to give the full, horrifying coloration to many of their intentions.

     It’s the intentions that matter. Consider, for example, the steady advance of the Left’s drive to eliminate the right to life.


     “What’s that you say, Fran? You can’t be serious about that! Why, no one would dare to…” Yes, Gentle Reader, I am serious. Moreover, at this point that element of the Left’s agenda should be as plain as a fart. If you’ve been reading Liberty’s Torch for any great length of time, you’ll have seen this list at least once:

  • Abortion without restrictions.
  • Assisted suicide.
  • Commonplace ritual mutilations of the human body.
  • Involuntary euthanasia of those deemed untreatable or having "no quality of life."
  • Legal infanticide within the first X days post-birth.
  • Compulsory surrender of the organs of the deceased for transplantation.
  • Environmentalist crusades that prioritize human life below other considerations.
  • Use of “abandoned” embryos for “research.”
  • Creation of zygotes and embryos for non-procreative purposes.
  • Government-enforced "triage" to “conserve medical and financial resources.”
  • Compulsory acceptance of specified therapies.
  • Procreation licenses (alternately, compulsory sterilization of those deemed “unfit”).
  • Government eugenics programs:
    • At first, as subsidies to couples with favored genetic characteristics;
    • Later, as compulsory donations of gametes for use in government-supervised breeding programs.
  • Conscription for military purposes.
  • Conscription for non-military purposes.

     The first five elements on that list are already among us. Yes, including de facto legal infanticide. What else could it mean for Congress to have rejected the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, to secure the lives of babies who have survived an attempt to abort them? As for the rest of the list, several items are approaching at a steady clip.

     But those first five are critical. Politically they’re “the camel’s nose under the tent lip.” They had to come first; the rest are founded on them. The Left is aware of their indispensability.

     So naturally, when some cultural item arises that challenges any of the Fundamental Five, the Left must stamp it out. Certainly no one in a position of authority or influence should be allowed to promote it – or even make reference to it.

     Consider this squib in that light:

White House To Screen Gosnell Movie Today And The Media Throws A Fit

     In the midst of the many other relevant issues going on such as the Barr revelations, two movies have been getting attention like never before. The first is the incredibly brave “Unplannned” movie talking about one’s move from pro-abortion to LIFE. The second is the movie about an abortion butcher, Kermit Gosnell, that debuted last fall. The White House will be screening it this afternoon and the media is throwing a tantrum.

     Please read it all, and follow the embedded links.

     Gosnell and Unplanned are the most important polemic films ever made. They make obvious what the Left does not want you to know: that the drive for “abortion rights” is exactly and only an attack on the right to life. It was never anything else.

     Were the Left capable of it, it would prevent those movies from ever being seen by anyone. That the President of the United States is hosting a showing of one horrifies them, as the wails from their media annex demonstrate. What outcry will they mount should he host Unplanned?

     For the Left to succeed in its drive for total power over all things forever, you must be stripped of your right to life. You must be reduced to a tool in the State’s toolbox, to be used and disposed of when no longer useful. A right to life, predicated upon the sanctity of human life, is inconsistent with that.

     Of course they began with defenseless infants. Of course the next step would be almost-as-defenseless elderly people, increasingly looked upon by their progeny as burdens to be sloughed if possible rather than treasured ancestors to be protected and loved. And of course both drives will be swaddled in the Left’s most successful shibboleth: the aura of “compassion.”

     Have you ever heard a Leftist refer to abortion as a “safe medical procedure?” Safe for whom? It sure as hell isn’t safe for the baby. The mother frequently suffers as well. But it’s “compassionate,” you see, because a girl who’s “made a mistake” ought not to be “punished with a baby.” It was the 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama, who said that last. The promoters of euthanasia will call it “compassionate” too; after all, the guest of honor has “no quality of life” and therefore should be relieved of the burden of existence.

     Don’t think so? Have you no familiarity with Peter Singer or Daniel Callahan? Have you never heard of the Groningen Protocol, Jack Kevorkian, or the rash of involuntary euthanasias in Belgium and Holland? Are you unaware of Eric Pianka and his followers?

     The Left could not prevent us from knowing about Kermit Gosnell. It strained but failed to keep us from knowing about Abby Johnson and the Planned Parenthood sales of baby parts. It has protested and obstructed showings of the movies about those things, with tactics ranging from street demonstrations to lawsuits. There’s even been some violence against persons and property.

     The airing of Gosnell in the White House is driving them insane. All their cards are face up. Their camouflage has failed. They can no longer conceal their intentions.

     Draw the moral. And pray.



It's much worse than you think. Not only are they pro-death... they're being conditioned. After all, if you're willing to murder an infant - a human being whose very definition is innocence - what will you be willing to do to Conservatives who stand in your way of the Socialist Utopia you believe (!) you can achieve? A utopia with no hunger, no want, no poverty, or crime, or war...

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Fran they are sick people and EVIL. I find it hard to reconcile it with God being in control and things happen for a reason. I definitely am no saint but I do believe. Thank you for the enlightenment as this is not a cumulative thought I would have rendered in my own mind but glad you did.

Pascal said...
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Pascal said...
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Pascal said...

Bear Claw, one of the reasons you may only be catching up on the cumulative thought is that you may have to wrap your mind around the fact that even well known writers for whom you may now lose respect have avoided this topic like the plague.

Here is archive link to Fran's earlier site Eternity Road. It lists an accumulation that contains reposts from Fran's even earlier Palace of Reason site.

Here are the titles you'll find at the link:

A Little Death
The Convergence Of The Death Cults
The Advance Of The Death Cults
A Reason They Do Not Wish To Tell Dept.
The Convergence Continues
The Convergence Is Complete
The Embryo Of The Death Cults

and in the few still extant comments you'll find even more.

The Death Cult is not only to be found on the Left, but also better hidden in the GOPe, with ancestral ties to the Prog movement that was the first to fall in love with eugenics (before it chose to hide its role, along with many other roles in illicit programs, in the background).

Contemporary Western Man, whose ancestors made great strides due to their respect of all human life and its potential, has a great deal for which to atone. Here are but two: boundless hubris and monumental ingratitude.

Pascal said...

After 3 edits you'd think I'd be done. Somehow my ultimate challenge to all that appeared in the first version got eliminated.

He, contemporary Western Man, far more than 3rd world elements, has permitted the most misanthropic Cretins to gain almost irreversible power over every human life on Earth.

Correct this fix or not, one way or another there will be Hell to pay.

Linda Fox said...

I just put the Gosnell DVD in my Amazon cart. I plan to gift a copy, as well, to my church. It needs to be added to the film series they run each year.

I'm going to be doing the same to Unplanned when it hits DVD status.

One solid thing that we can do is to counter their propaganda with the truth, making available video showings. Perhaps it could be a fundraiser; showing some old movies and new, that put forth the case for our point of view. Include such films as Juno, which shows possible alternative paths for young women to take.

We also need to keep our eyes on GoFundMe campaigns and other ways of financing movies. None of us have all that much money, but we should target out donations, and spread the word.

Linda Fox said...

I just went back and re-read a few of the "Death Cult" posts. Consider turning them into a pamphlet, and putting it up on Kindle/Smashwords. It could be a printable download that could be passed around.

Such a collection would be a good thing for advocates of thought to have handy when bringing up the issue.

Andy said...

I will pray, when I stop crying.


Did any of you see this video?

Here's a woman saying that she'd permit an infant to die because that baby - alive, outside the mother - was intended to die.

Would she, if she saw an attempted murder victim, help? That victim was "intended to die"?

Would she, if she were confronted with a slave who had escaped a planned execution, not provide aid?

These people have damaged souls. And please permit me to repeat something which I've said before... if they will do this to an INFANT, what will they do to anyone to the Right of Stalin, who are ABSOLUTELY GUILTY of trying to stop their planned Socialist utopia?

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Thanks Pascal I have only become a major blog reader in the last 2-3 years after working for the man to take care of my family. That ended and since then I know things happen for a reason has been confirmed again so I read every day. I have told Fran many times he is one of the most thought provoking bloggers and a mental giant and as I have aged he keeps my mind engaged with different but great perspective.

Pascal said...

Today I was informed about this:

Given the Left's "Green" militants we have ample tinder awaiting the match from their allies in death cult pursuits.

Who says we must remain in the middle of this vise? Jump up out and crush to two flanks. We far outnumber the attackers but far too many of "we" are still asleep.



Israel's been dealing with deliberate forest fires for years and years, and now they have the arson kites & balloons as well.

One thing so many people don't grasp is that in Islam, war is total. For example, they're driving tourists away from Paris. This lack of economic input / activity hurts France. This makes the Muslims stronger in comparison.

Besides the first-order effects of the damage fires do, and the megadollars to put them out, it's demoralizing, and the economic effects ripple out for years.