Thursday, April 25, 2019

Human CO2 production in perspective.

The Rice Video - Carbon Dioxide in perspective by The Galileo Movement.


MMinLamesa said...

Here's another comparison

The following illustration demonstrates the miniscule impact that the activities of mankind actually have on the earth relative to CO2 emissions.

All greenhouse gases account for only 2% of the total atmosphere.

3.62% of greenhouse gases are CO2.

3.4% of CO2 is caused by human activity.

22% of world CO2 emissions come from the U.S.

Cap & Trade would reduce U.S. man-made CO2 output by 15%.

(Source: National Center for Policy Analysis)

So, do the math:

0.02*0.036*0.034*0.22 = 0.0000053856 or about five ten thousandths of one percent. That’s the U.S. human-activity contribution to worldwide CO2 levels.

Next, if you multiply that by the effect of U.S. Cap & Trade policies, worldwide CO2 emissions would be reduced by: 0.02*0.036*0.034*0.22*0.15 = 0.000000807840 or about eight-one-hundred thousandths of one percent.

This example puts in perspective the contribution of CO2 caused by U.S. human activity to the worldwide level of CO2 in the atmosphere, and then the impact of U.S. Cap and Trade policies on worldwide CO2 levels.

To illustrate the relative magnitude of this, consider the following comparison to a typical human being:

A 200 pound man is made up of about 130 lbs., or 15.6 gallons of water.

Those 15.6 gallons of water represent the entire atmosphere.

Of those 15.6 gallons of atmosphere, 2%, or 0.3 gallons, represents the greenhouse gas portion of the atmosphere.

Of that one third gallon of greenhouse gases, 3.6%, or 2.9 tablespoons, represents the CO2 portion of the greenhouse gases worldwide.

Of those 2.9 tablespoons of CO2, 3.4%, or 0.3 teaspoon, represents the portion of the CO2 attributable to worldwide human activity.

Thank the teacher's unions for AGW idiocy.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thank you. This arithmetical view on HUMAN contribution to CO2 is religiously ignored. Even assuming that CO2 is solely responsible for whatever in the world, man contributes little of it and massive expense or adjustment of lifestyle will do little in comparison to what nature does.

This gentleman has provided the clearest visual version of this.