Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Unforgiving And The Innocent

     HOT FLASH: Concerning slavery and interracial animosity, there are things everyone should know – yeah, more “in the land of should” stuff – but few people do:

  • The institution of slavery is as old as recorded human history.
  • Slavery still exists today, though “under cover,” in the Middle East, Africa, and various Indian Ocean societies.
  • Among First World nations, the first to abolish slavery was Great Britain in 1833. The United States followed in 1866. You may recall the unpleasantness that was required to do so.
  • Interracial animosity is a constant of human existence. Attempts to eliminate it have failed wherever and whenever they’re tried.
  • History suggests that interracial animosity is not connected to whether slavery exists or has ever existed in a given locale.

     In other words, the races naturally look upon one another with a degree of suspicion that unfortunate events can elevate to open hostility. Moreover, there are reasons for this: not cultural but biological reasons that are written into the genes of every race.

     White Americans have done their damnedest to eliminate interracial friction. It hasn’t worked – but not because white Americans haven’t given it a sincere effort. Have a look at this, which I snagged from Gab a few days back:

     Ragin’ Dave adds these comments today:

     You can't tell generations of white men that they are everything that's wrong in the world, and expect that they won't group up to defend themselves. To the left, White Men are evilracisthomophobichaternazis, and they've been preaching that sermon for just about my entire adult life.

     Exactly. Now, for any non-whites sincerely interested in reducing interracial tensions, I have a question:

What are YOU going to do about it?

     Ponder that for a bit.

     White Americans have allowed black racialists, in collaboration with the political class, to make us feel guilt for something in which we had no part: slavery. Indeed, most of us have no ancestors who ever owned slaves. The total number of American slaveowners before 1866 was about 30,000. Even if those thirty thousand slaveowners had borne ten children each, and their children and children’s children did likewise, that would amount to only 30 million descendants of slaveowners: less than 10% of today’s population.

     But slavery – more specifically, “the legacy of slavery” — is the hook on which the racial rabble-rousers hang their claims of white oppression of blacks. It’s total nonsense and always has been, even in the South during the Jim Crow era.

     Don’t take my word for it; look it up. American blacks prospered steadily, both economically and socially, from 1866 to 1964: a century of relentless advancement. Husbands were reunited with wives. Families sundered by slavery regathered. Ironically, Southern blacks did better, statistically, than those who relocated to Northern states, even under the Jim Crow regime: the Northern cities to which they moved tended to erect barriers to the trades and new enterprises the migrating blacks would otherwise have entered!

     But racialist demagogues don’t want you to know that. It would take the bread out of their mouths. They also don’t want you to know that by inhibiting productive work and encouraging illegitimacy and fatherless families, the welfare state has done more harm to American blacks than two centuries of slavery could ever have done.

     Racialist demagogues are far more concerned with maintaining their followings and the revenue to their “foundations” than with improving any aspect of race relations. So the crusade to impose unearned guilt on American whites and extract tribute from us through the legal system must continue.

     And people ask where the white identity and white nationalist movements get their impetus. It is to laugh…hollowly, and with many a tear.

     Herbert Stein has famously said that if something cannot continue indefinitely, it will stop. Yes, it’s a disguised tautology, but it’s important nevertheless. American whites have had enough. We’re fed up. We’ll have no more of the blame for racial disparities, racial tensions, and contemporary trends toward the resegregation of the races. We will protect ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, and our institutions by any means necessary.

     What’s that you say? You’re black and you don’t quite get it? That’s okay. It’s a white thing; you wouldn’t understand.


MMinWA said...

I wonder how this latest push for reparations will go. Millions of 80 IQ blacks are undoubtedly eagerly anticipating some more freebies. But dem candidates using reparations aren't going to get anymore black votes than they already get and it's going to turn some on the left, not afflicted with white guilt(few that that might be), to say that's line that's not going to be crossed.

Oh well, anything to increase divisiveness right? LOOK a squirrel while an economic/immigration/moslim TSHTF nears ever closer.

Glen Filthie said...

I remember seeing the term “dark enlightenment” floating round the internet a few years back. Whites are noticing the obvious differences between blacks and whites, and they aren’t shutting up about it when leftists and progs tell them too. Even screaming about racism isn’t working anymore. To make things worse, nobody voted the way they were supposed to in the last election and it’s looking like the next one will go the same way. And even worse than THAT... the Orange Hatey Hitler in the Oval Office is openly talking about doing something about the border. I’d say The rebellion had already started.
I dunno if it was this blog or another, but once I saw an intriguing short story about African Americans being forced en masse to choose between deportation back to Africa or being euthanized. It was a great little read but I think if that dystopian yarn ever came true... there would be more than a few whites needing to make the same choice too. I’d love to see Nancy Pelosi starring in that one...

Francis W. Porretto said...

Yes, Glenn, the story was titled “Two Doors” and appeared first at this blog. Thanks for the compliments.

Drake's Place said...

A key plank in the Dem platform; keeping racism alive and sowing discord among all people. Wonderful post, Francis, as always. Take care!


My wife, an immigrant from Kazakhstan, said that blacks STILL have a slave mentality.

It didn't used to be so; notables like Walter Williams, Larry Elder, and Thomas Sowell (among many others) have escaped that mentality. But for the most part decades of liberal indoctrination has been effective - that, and the Great Society's destruction of the black family have taken a grim toll.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Outstanding post, Frances. Sorry I called you a slacker. :-)