Sunday, April 28, 2019

Round-up of Many Things

Some common sense on immigration - note the name of the author - she will be a force in the future.

On Taking the High Road - and, when it will be a tactic that will doom you and all yours. RedPillJew is one of those blogs that I check into periodically. I dive in to all the content over a period of days, then, don't return for months. Nothing wrong with the blog, that's just the way I tend to encounter it. It's a blog that favors a deep dive.

It's an old post, but one worth remembering. No, not all will attack with the fervor of blood-lust. But, they won't stir themselves to even protest. To even say, "Now, wait a minute. This kid might not be worthy of KILLING. Maybe not even deserve having his life ruined. He actually didn't do anything - not show a hostile face, not say a word, not make a motion."

Nothing. And, yet, there were those doxxing him, and calling on the world to condemn him. For standing in place, with a smile on his face?


In the wake of several blogs that I've been posting/commenting on taking a break/stepping back due to actual life commitments, I've decided to re-activate the old Right As Usual blog. Rather than run it as a solo activity (which I just don't have the time for), I've decided to open it up to some fresh faces. Go here to learn how you might be able to contribute.

This plan came out of a previous post about how to Pass on the Torch. I'm not quitting - no fear about THAT! - but, I'd like to step into the role of guide/mentor to younger bloggers and rabble-rousers. If we keep trying to do everything ourselves, we will eventually drop dead, leaving a horrible void.

Like the Democratic Party - they've been all about hogging the power and glory for themselves for so long, they don't have younger successors - well, except for the Truly Crazy Ones.

I'm doing it, also, for selfish reasons. I want to spend more time on writing, both fiction and non-fiction. It's hard to do while staying solely in charge of the blog. In time, I hope to put some administrative responsibility in the hands of others. That will free up some time for me to write.

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