Thursday, April 11, 2019


     Just a few minutes ago:

CSO: What’s your agenda for the day?
FWP: First, I’m going to assemble a medium-size box and fill it with books I intend to give away. After that, I’ll bring a Totelocker® upstairs and fill it with books I intend to keep. And finally, I shall peruse what remains, select one single, very special book, and read it.

CSO: Wow! What an innovator!
FWP: Better than being an outivator, no?

CSO: Well, you could fool everybody and be an excavator.
FWP: Naah. They don’t make enough money.

CSO: But they get to play with really big toys!
FWP: Come on! Do you really think they drive their bulldozers around the neighborhood for fun? Picking up garbage cans and tossing them across the street? Digging up mailboxes and leaving them on front porches? That sort of thing is considered dirty pool most places. Remember, most of their neighbors don’t have bulldozers of their own!
CSO: (Unintelligible)

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