Sunday, September 13, 2015

Yet another insightful look at Europe.

I should say something or other about politics, but it really would be an unnecessary and boring waste of time to do so. I should recall how the Muslims are flooding Europe to later conquer, or, in other terms, destroy it; about how Europe manages all this, on suicidal liberalism and brainless democracy; democracy and suffrage for chimpanzees.

This is always what it concludes to: the civilisation arrives at an overbred condition in which it is not only unable but also unwilling to protect itself; when, seemingly mindlessly, it worships its own enemies. What is more, all this cannot be said in public.

"Hungary’s Nobel Prize-Winning Writer Imre Kertész On Europe’s “Suicidal Liberalism” (2014)." By Kertész Imre, Hungary Today, 9/7/15.


furball said...

Bunny, I think what happens is that we get "soft."

It's one thing to point out the Roman slide into feeding their citizens with ever-growing public programs and ceasing to require martial efforts to protect the empire.

But it's a whole 'nother thing to make them really think about morality and the future.

I've been reading Eric Flint's "1632" series of stories. Granted, that's fiction, but at that time, even without the guiding light of a real "Holy Roman Empire," SOME group of people decided to stand at the gates of Vienna and stop Islam.

The 1600s weren't "soft." Nobody had a lot of leisure time to ponder the good or bad of capitalism, socialism, democracy or social justice.

But they got enough MEN to realize that subjection to Islam was worth fighting and dying for.

Ponder that. No internet. No New York Times or daily paper. They'd been through confusing wars and religious fights. Plague, dysentery, hunger, disease and the obvious fact that their rulers were assholes.

And they got past all that to get together to stop Islam.

They knew something. They cared about something THAT much. It was obvious, even without much literacy or faith in a government narrative.

Islam is destructive of the values we hold dear. When media or governments offer platitudes and let Islam into our culture, something is wrong.

We may be "soft," and our governments are often corrupt. But I hope we can always recognize the corrupt, soul-killing, death-serving anti-civilisation blight on humanity that is Islam.

Mohammed (shite be on his name) was a pederast, killer, thief, liar, opportunist and . . . well, maybe a politician.

God help us.

Tim Turner

Col. B. Bunny said...

I think it's part of the human experience to ignore "headquarters" or the King and go with what's local and familiar. People back then weren't in danger of being impoverished by the IRS or being hounded from their cubicle job and blacklisted. That informal communication network was a lot more efficient than we might think, we who think in terms of megabytes and ISPs.

People seem more isolated from each other and in my own life my daily routine basically involves me, significant other (female), and workers at the grocery store. Opposing even those contacts is a media stew of incredible distortion and infantilization.

It's hard to build connections that enable the counternarrative to circulate. Ergo, inaction.

That's not the whole of the problem, as I still say there are a multitude of facts even in the MSM which if focused on ought to alarm the yeomanry. How many "knockout game" attacks does one need to see for one to be on permanent boil?