Monday, July 23, 2018

Cats And The Bags They Exit

     It’s easy to predict that an established trend will continue. However, as Baron Philippe de Rothschild said, “Trees do not grow to the sky.” He who keeps predicting that a trend in progress will continue is guaranteed, some day, to be wrong.

     That having been said, what of the interminable, unfocused, ever-shifting “Russian collusion investigation?” It’s been going on for more than a year. Yet it has produced no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, was prosecuted by persons openly biased against the president, and has been revealed, as Doug Ross has noted, as founded on a FISA warrant that combined fraud and unverified gossip. Now that that’s out in the open, how can it continue?

     The simple answer is “moving the goalposts.” Robert Mueller now realizes that he cannot make a case against the Trump campaign, much less against President Trump himself, that would withstand public scrutiny. Henceforward his efforts will be directed toward smearing as many Trump associates and employees as he can coax under oath into revealing something he can use against them. The blanket rationale will be obstruction of justice.

     Shall we ask the critical question? Let’s do so here and now: What “justice?” What crime was committed, the investigation or prosecution of which has been obstructed? No one has pointed to any such. Even the original “charge” of collusion with the Russian government isn’t criminal under any statute. Those who want to see the Mueller farce continue, in the hope that it will somehow derail the Trump agenda or weaken the president’s re-election campaign, don’t want you to dwell on that niggling little fact.

     But it’s “of a piece” with the Left’s strategy for regaining power in these United States.

     The Democrats have been so determined to unseat President Trump that they’ve allowed, nay encouraged the Mueller group to destroy the life of anyone they think might be persuaded to “turn:” i.e., to testify to wrongdoing by the president in exchange for a relief of the pressure. Fleeting Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen are the best known of those targets. One has been in solitary confinement for months. Months! Our penal institutions wouldn’t do that to a serial killer. The other has had his entire life turned upside down by police-state tactics designed to eject him from his profession, on the basis of claims from a porn star about private matters which, if they occurred, were against no law.

     When the Left decides to destroy someone, it recognizes no limits to its methods.

     Yet to this point, none of it has worked. It calls into question what additional villainies Mueller and his henchmen can visit upon their targets. Physical torture? Loved ones as hostages? At this point, those measures are no longer beyond the pale.

     The right and decent thing to do would be for Attorney-General Jeff Sessions to put a halt to the “investigation” at once. Why he hasn’t done so already is a mystery. He has ample justification, whereas Mueller and his goons have no objective evidence at all that supports their continuation.

     Yet it’s all but certain that the farce will continue awhile longer. I’m tempted to start a betting pool on when it will be halted.

     The Mueller nonsense is the pinnacle of Leftist machinations these past few years. We’ve seen much else of lesser magnitude but equal malice. Remember Memories Pizza? How about Sweet Cakes by Melissa? And this more recent case against yet another Christian baker?

     Those cases are already being effaced from public consciousness by the Left’s handmaidens in the media. They ended badly...for the Left. The public outpouring of sympathy and support for their targets was overwhelming. Those who took notice were reminded how Americans will rally to the side of the unjustly persecuted. However, apparently, the “being mean to homosexuals” theme has been played out. This one is the latest in the series: a deliberately planned provocation designed to tar the target with an accusation of racial discrimination.

     It’s well to remember that Rosa Parks was also an activist, and was selected to commit her historic-if-planned provocation.

     There’s a well-traveled saying, attributed to many, that one should “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” While it has some application, this maxim underweights the existence, persistence, and agency power of malice. Hatred has powered many evils. Indeed, there is no way to explain the crimes of many well-known monsters except as having proceeded from hatred.

     The easiest way to distinguish occasions of stupidity from acts of malice is to look for a unifying pattern. Stupidity tends to strike either randomly – i.e., incidents of thoughtlessness – or uniformly and without regard to any consideration other than the dimbulb at the center. Malicious acts are patterned: in the choice of victims, and in the methods employed.

     The patterns in the Left’s campaign of malice against the Right for the offense of having prevailed electorally are on brilliant display. The planners and organizers are not stupid people. They know their business. More important, they know their objectives, and will countenance any method whatsoever to get nearer to them. It is no longer possible to doubt those things; the evidence is too copious and too consistent. The cat is well and truly out of the bag.

     However, the general public has not yet accepted this conclusion. Men of good will continue to “do as you would be done by,” in the fine American tradition of trying, sincerely, to transform enemies into friends. Those of us who chronicle the events of our time must persist. We must not overlook any incident, however trifling it may seem. We must report every detail, however small. In working to inform persons animated, by and large, by kindly inclinations, everything counts...especially honesty.

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Does Jeff Sessions even bother to show up at his office on workdays?