Friday, July 13, 2018

The Face That Launched a Thousand Changed Votes

It's kinda funny, how the Democrats keep 'going for the Kill Shot' - and missing.

They desperately want to have another pivotal moment - that time in the spotlight, when their Victimized Representative, with Righteous Indignation, delivered with the Proper Patrician Posture and Steely Sneer, proclaims:
Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?
The Left LIVES for that Moment. Where most of us Normals dream of performing heroic deeds, vanquishing the enemy, and restoring civilization, SJWs dream of:

Holy Victimization. 

Being in the spotlight, Speaking Truth to Power - it makes them shiver with ecstasy! It is the martyrdom they yearn for!

Well, except for that whole Willing to Die for the Cause thingy. They well know that Mumsy and Daddums lawyers will keep them from ever seeing the inside of an icky prison, and their connections will ensure that they can sidestep into a cushy foundation directorship, once their (ghostwritten) Book Tour ends, and the speaking engagement dry up.

Look at the face in the video - he is clearly relishing his Moment. His sneering testimony, his 'clever' phrasing that he expects will result in evasion of that Hiss-ified fate of being indicted for perjury, his anger - at being questioned by these - these - these - Trumpian Buffoons!

How DARE they!

Accompanied with Tweenish Eyerolls!

I generally prefer the still pictures to the videos in these posts. However, the Google links to still shots showing Strzok's expressions are few. Video uploads are the only way to put his animus on proper display.

BTW, I saw something today I'd not seen before on YouTube. The channel no longer permits anonymous commenting.

Guess the SJWs/KGBs want to be able to track down all of us Deplorables for future reckoning.

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