Monday, July 9, 2018

Ultra-Quickies: Speaking Truth And Shooting The Arrow Straight Dept.

     I live on Long Island, a fair distance from Kansas, but after reading this piece, just for a moment I found myself wishing I were a Kansan so I could vote for Steve Fitzgerald for Congress:

“Our Judeo-Christian ethic is what is civilization. And that is what is under attack here and abroad. It also goes by a different name. Christendom. It’s under attack. And even speaking about it can bring you under attack. It has brought me under attack.”

     He’s right on all counts. The Christian Enlightenment is solely and wholly responsible for what freedom there is, for the prosperity and order that freedom makes possible, and for the ethic of interpersonal tolerance the Left is laboring to destroy. If it is brought low, the whole world will plunge into the darkness.

     I hope Mr. Fitzgerald will rise to national prominence. We need more like him.

     UPDATE: Link was broken. Fixed now.

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Kye said...

I'm getting a blank page at the "this piece" link.