Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Master Race Theory - Not the Villains You Might Think

I'm sorry, did you interpret that to mean that I'm in favor of the idea of a Master Race?

Not bloody likely. I'm what most Americans are - white, Black, Other (did you notice that I didn't capitalize the white word? I can do that - can't be sued for it).

We're what my mother used to called Mutts - individuals of mixed heritage. Most people understand that's not a slur. In every species, Mutts - those whose genetics are not purely bred - are hardy, intelligent, and not prone to hereditary diseases. They do not suffer from congenital deformations at the rate of the pure-breeds. They usually have good dispositions, resistance to disease, and long lives.

However, we have several groups of invaders into our country, who clearly believe that they are SUPERIOR to Americans who have lived here before their entrance, whose claim is based on race and culture.

I'm referring both to Muslims of the Mideast, and to La Raza. Go to the second link to read about the repugnant race-based claims of the Arrogant Atzlan Invaders.

They are not inferior; no human being is. But, they are not superior, either.

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ligneus said...

They are inferior.If only in the way they will never change or learn.