Monday, July 23, 2018

Why Are People NOT Getting Furious About This?

I understand that there are many items of news floating around - you can't possibly get aroused about all of them. So, most of us pick a few to get furious about, a few more that we keep tabs on, and, for most of the news, we essentially ignore it. We read about it, think, "tsk, tsk", and move on to more important things.

But, THIS?

This egregious violation of law, ethics, and supposed impartiality of government employees? How can people NOT become enraged, to the extent of rising up, cudgel in hand, to beat the felons into insensibility?

I'm reaching the point where I'm beginning to realize that the citizens of our country have devolved into uncaring, unknowing, slugs. Whom the original patriots of this country would - rightly - be ashamed of.

The Founders took major chances to gain our freedoms. They spent themselves into poverty. They risked death, imprisonment, and loss of family. They could have lost, and turned their family names into a synonym for traitor.

And, today's 'citizens' won't even take the trouble to learn about the Shadow Party's overreach and plotting, draw reasonable conclusions, and demand that they be thrown out of their jobs, and indicted.

The only thing that gives me ANY hope, is that, when I studied the American Revolution in college, I remembered that many in the Colonies were equally apathetic and uninvolved. They had other concerns. They did not act for a long time, until the continual repetition of abuses began to wear a groove in their brains.

Even then, only about 1/3 were actively involved, in any way. About 1/3 were the equivalent of today's Zombie Democrats.

The last 1/3 just ignored the whole thing, as much as they could, and went about their lives.

The power of today's government is, in one way, greater than King George's. They are imbedded in almost every facet of American life, most notably in their reach into educational institutions. That's their stronghold, from pre-K through college. And, to let them have control was one of the most stupid decisions that normal people ever made.

It will be the work of many years to uproot them from their entrenched positions. The process of getting control will cause disruptions and pain to many innocents - like the many teachers who DON'T agree with their positions.

Home schoolers led the way. Many, if not most, are relatively conservative people, who sacrifice much to retain primacy over the influences that they allow to reach their children.

Charter schools were the next crack in the wall. Their rise was facilitated by the fact that they have been, generally, more effective than the public schools, for minority children. Public schools have tried to co-opt them by starting 'public-private' charters.

Most have been as successful as the public schools they replaced. In other words, not at all.

The monolith of Progressive Public Education is cracking. Who can predict just which swing of the hammer will cause its collapse?

But, collapse it will. And, citizens will need to be prepared to step in, and provide alternatives that are Conservative. Before the Progressives re-group, and insinuate themselves into the next generation of educational initiatives.

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Glenda T Goode said...

We are beset by an alliance set against our way of life and our traditional beliefs. This movement of dissent started rather innocently as 'enlightenment' and has grown into a leviathan of epic proportions.

The merger of leftist ideals, media, education and administration of our society has empowered this anti-freedom cabal to take on each and every institution in our nation that supports or endorses freedom. The American dream in not under attack. It is under siege by these forces of doom.

Every negative aspect of human behavior is at work in an effort to tear our system down so it can be replaced with a repressive socialist society that rations everything in the same manner as Orwell described in his dystopian novel "1984". When I read this book some 50 years ago, I never would have thought it would come to pass but we see today the trappings of that world in our society at present.

Political correctness. Clandestine government spying upon the entire society. The politics of personal destruction. Control over the media by one party. Corruption within elections so as to select the lesser candidate. The condemnation of those who achieve success financially.

The left portrays the right as the aggressor they must stop to protect society when the exact opposite is true. It is the democrats who purport to endorse freedom who are tearing the fabric of this nation apart. Unfortunately, many members of the opposition, namely republicans, are aligned with the cabal and are the enemy as well.

I am afraid that we are too far gone down the rat hole to simply reverse this trend of destruction, corruption and greed. Our course is as of yet, uncharted, but we face very turbulent waters ahead if we choose to attempt to save this nation.