Saturday, July 28, 2018

The fundamental objective of the left: mindless destruction.

The reason “left-wing extremism” has not caught on is that it is redundant. The essence of the left, its very nature, is the relentless desire for the complete overthrow of all time-honoured institutions, traditions, and order.[1]
The left has succeeded so dramatically everywhere in the West that it’s a rare Western government that can be seen to be looking out for the interests of its citizens. African males crawl over barbed wire fences to get into Spain but authorities do not forthwith show them to the nearest exit at gunpoint. No. They not only do nothing to prevent their entry but treat every foot on Spanish soil as the signal for all manner of legal and economic rights to descend upon these primitives. Somehow this is set in stone.

The future cost to be borne by Spanish citizens is enormous both in monetary and security terms but citizens’ interests in an orderly, Spanish nation are simply ignored. An irrelevancy. The destruction of Spain must simply be endured as the next higher stage of Spanish civilization.

In the U.S. it’s the same. The southern border is studiously left virtually wide open. The president will not fight for funding for his famous wall. AntiFa runs wild in the streets, a constant danger to law-abiding citizens. Our attorney general is absent without tidings. Five more years on the lam and we can declare him legally dead.

Elections are controlled by fabulously wealthy individuals, not voters. Economic decisions have favored foreigners, enemies, and parasites who have been happy for us to play the chump.

It’s a rare citizen who can say that the U.S. government is looking out for him and state governments are no better, as witness the pension fund catastrophes brewing in New Jersey, Illinois, and California, among other places. The only thing that’s for sure is that the taxpayer will be required to pay more to take care of the privileged official class.

[1] "Russia, The Royal Martyrs, and Revolutionary Modernity." By Gerry T. Neal, Throne, Altar, Liberty, 7/19/18 (emphasis added).


Glenda T Goode said...

The left has been undermining the founding of this nation for a long time. When it started is open to debate and I could say that it was the day after the Bill of Rights was passed. You have to ask yourself, Why would someone want to destroy something that sustains them and provides for their needs? I am not talking about people on welfare. I am talking about the typical leftist who works, plots and plays in the United States and would not have such freedoms and abilities anywhere else on the globe.

The left wants to break our nation down into the proletariat and the party leaders. The typical drones of this movement are unaware of the huge difference between the lifestyles of the proletariat and the leadership class. The smarter ones think that by encouraging and leading the rest of the drones that they will find favor and a better life after destroying the United States. They should wish.....

The present political leaders of the left have no idea what will befall them once their mission is complete. The vacuum that is left after the leadership of our nation at present collapses will be filled with the uber-elite who at present are more behind the scenes than the mouthpieces we see today. Those who organized at the street and state levels will be a threat to the leadership that emerges and will be destroyed or displaced so as to eliminate their influence. Thus our society would start an era not dissimilar to the USSR in 1918.

The immigrants being let into a nation in profligate numbers are designed to overwhelm the system and force a confrontation between the system and the people. It does not matter who is in charge at the time; left or right; as the design will work in either case. Once overrun, power will be more important than justice and the radical left movement will seize the moment if they can.

If we, as a nation, do nothing to stem the tide of illiterate and impoverished flood of humans across our border, we will be signing our death warrant. The power of the right, and those people who recognize the threat of massive immigration as well as socialist left wing policies is the strongest at present as it has been in many years. This is the last opportunity we have to restore the nation.

As we watch Europe dissolve into a pseudo islamic state we see the end of an empire of sorts. The islamists that entered Europe in are the same as bolsheviks and will rule the continent with the same iron hand as the communists did in 1918.

History is prologue. We need to observe what is going on in eyes that are enhanced by the knowledge of the past. Human behavior is the same now as it was 300 years ago. Men will seek to conquer others for reasons they can contrive and then once in power corrupt themselves. This happens over and over in history. The only way to break the cycle is to break the corruption apart and stop the inevitable doom from coming.

Sounds simple and if it were we would not be facing the threats we are. President Reagan said "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.." and he knew then that socialism had to be fought off at all times. The left uses all manners of tricks but in the end, socialism is their goal. We much be vigilant.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thank you for your outstanding comment.

That's a good question about when it began. I posted earlier about Clyde Polin's idea that Western thinking lost touch with reality in the 16th century when the idea that science and commerce hold the key to the liberation of man from, well, reality. I may not be paraphrasing him accurately here but that is one of his points. As far as post-Bill of Rights history is concerned, there's no reason to think that the Anti-Federalists were wrong about the danger of centralization.

I like to point out how Rose L. Martin in the middle of the last century undertook to catalogue the spread of socialism and subversion. The link is to a Mises Institute pdf of one of her books so she's not as obscure as I thought she was. For all her hard work she hasn't gotten much play in my reading far and sort-of wide. Still, she describes how quickly the socialist idea spread and it and its kissin' cousin progressivism effectively solidified the idea that smart, wonderful, educated elites could do a lot better job than the existing order based on tradition and slow accretion of law. The corollary of that is that anyone who or anything that stands in the way of progress is evil itself. Was there ever a time in human history when the idea of a rotten past was so massively celebrated?

The leftists horror is cloaked by the post-WWII paradigm, which is that Hitler was a nationalist and "right winger," that nationalism was the cause of Europe's ills, that the Holocaust was the single most awful event ever to befall mankind and it was caused by "the right," that communist subversion of Western countries (esp. the U.S.) was a McCarthyite myth of astonishing malevolence, and that leftist totalitarianism (Soviet and National Socialist) and its 100+ million death toll is unworthy of sustained press and Hollywood attention. No, it's nationalism that's the problem so the attack on the nation state must be the first priority of decent men and women.

This is a different wrinkle than what was probably a general preference for a stronger federal government that existed early in our history. Wilson took his enlightened leader garbage to new heights and it seemed to agree with a lot of people. His presidency was an American tragedy of epic proportions.

It is maddening to see Western white electorates so casually fail to exercise the one real power we have, the vote. Not one sell out Western government would survive the vote of an enraged electorate but the electorate hangs the patriotic parties out to dry routinely. The reasons for that feebleness on the part of Westerners are the subject of billions of blog posts.

What makes the leftist "narrative" so powerful seems to have something with the propaganda potential in the Western media. A feeling of normalcy and elite decency is successfully maintained by them and it's enormously difficult to destroy their themes. Witness the anti-Russian hysteria. I've seen used car commercials that inspired more confidence in me than that. Talk about vaporous garbage but it lives on like head lice and psoriasis.