Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Quickies: The Anti-Trumpers Have A Sad

     When your grand hope for pulling down the president rallies to his defense in a shatteringly effective way:

     ...what do you have left?

     I’m no fan of Vladimir Putin, but the hope on the Left (and the NeverTrump “Right”) that Putin would assist them in their campaign against President Trump was ludicrous on its face. Putin has absolutely no reason to do any such thing. Ironically, that would be the case even if the Russian government did possess incriminating material on Trump. Russia is in a state of need that requires the assistance of wealthy foreign powers inclined to help – and what power is wealthier or better known for international benevolence than the United States?

     You don’t undermine the potentate of your best hope for the recovery of superpower status. Even that Trump was willing to have a summit meeting with Putin is a boost to the ailing nation. It suggests more stature than the bankrupt kleptocracy really deserves, and makes plausible a greater degree of commercial involvement between Russia and the states of Europe.

     Mind you, Trump is still putting pressure on Germany in particular to seek out fuel sources from other nations, instead of rendering itself dangerously dependent on Russia as a sole source. However, that’s a specifically NATO matter. In most regards, Trump is willing to cultivate better relations with Russia. They could only stand on a basis of respect for American interests and for the sovereignty of other nations. Trump has been explicit about that throughout his foreign dealings to date.

     But the luminaries of the “Resistance” must color the thing to their preferences:

     And so the carnival rolls onward.


Manu said...

John O. Brennan is being rather dramatic there, isn't he? Since when is meeting with foreign leaders high treason? That is one of the things a president is supposed to do.

Of course, I don't seriously expect sensibility from the Leftist peanut gallery, these days.

Glenda T Goode said...

Interesting that Trump met Putin. I read elsewhere a day or two ago, that Putin is losing political support back in Russia.

Trump having met him and by not condemning or otherwise disparaging Putin has definitely soured the hardliners view of Putin and almost certainly has ensured that Putin will be out of office sooner than later. The hardliners back in the politburo will make sure of that.

The left's antics are all too predictable and so repetitious that it is almost ludicrous. You cannot have the mass of the media, and the never Trumpers all screaming the exact same thing within minutes of the end of the press conference and not sense that they are all reverting to a script.

The deep state along with their media and political enablers may have overplayed their hand this time around and they might be 'Trumped' in the end. Time will tell.