Sunday, July 1, 2018

Ultra-Quickies: The Right That Went Unmentioned

     We all know that the Left is determined to eliminate our rights to private property, and our right to keep and bear arms, and our rights to freedom of expression, religion, and association. But those rights are expressly guaranteed by specific clauses of the Bill of Rights, which – as anyone who paid attention during civics class would know – is an integral part of the Constitution. As the Ninth Amendment states, there are other rights “not here enumerated.” Those rights are easier, legally, to infringe and invade.

     With the rise of Leftist harassment and violence toward anyone not in perfect agreement with their primitive social-fascist ideology, one of the rights that went unmentioned in the Bill of Rights must now be defended as never before.

     Yes, I mean the right to life. Don’t imagine that the Left will concede that right as “obvious.” It’s as likely to get in their way as the aforementioned rights.

     The right to life is why we have a right not to be assaulted, for every assault involves the possible infliction of death. But physical assaults on conservatives, Republicans, and Trump Administration officials are now in immediate prospect. Don’t dare to imagine otherwise. AntiFa was only the tip of the camel’s nose under the tent lip.

     If a right goes undefended for a sufficiently long period, it becomes a nullity. Be prepared to defend the right to life – yours or anyone else’s – should the occasion demand it.

     Have a nice Sunday.


Glenda T Goode said...

The left demonstrated clearly with their avid support of the Roe v Wade decision and their continued support of Planned Parenthood (actually planned Eugenics but I digress) that they see some 'life' as an inconvenience and those are to be exterminated. So, the topic of the right to 'life' has already been addressed by their platform.

How big a stretch is it to go from killing the unborn to killing the born?????

It takes a certain degree of callousness to not consider for one second the life of the unborn in regards to abortion. That is a stepping stone to far worse.

The numbness to killing is something that has been noted in people who have been in wars or have experienced death repeatedly. The left is hoping that the American society will become equally as numb to their elective Eugenics and the Obamacare laws will at some time in the near future empower bureaucrats to make decisions over life and death for individuals as opposed to merely policy issues.

This is a frightening future that the democrats seem to think is 'normal' or 'reasonable' in their way of thinking.

I would ask, is there anything that democrats hold as being sacred????? That is besides democrats themselves.

Linda Fox said...

Keep in mind - many believed the lies they were told by the Leftists (I did, in my youth - Lord, I was unbelievably naive!). It takes some distance from the propagandists, and life experience, to realize the extent of their lies.

For most people, having children is an eye-opener. If it's their first personal experience with pregnancy, it may change their thinking completely.

For others, who made the choice to abort, it's not such a simple answer. They have a truly terrible choice:
- to continue their denial of the truth, in order to keep from accepting their responsibility in having ended a life
- to live with the reality, and consequences, of their decision

For both groups, I'd suggest looking into Rachel's Vineyard, a project of the Catholic Church that works to help women achieve reconciliation with God after an abortion. Since so many of the abortions are NOT truly 'their choice' (estimates are that around 67% of women report pressure by family and the baby's father to abort), this is a necessary ministry.

Here's the Link: