Tuesday, July 24, 2018

One of life’s great ironies.

The ultra-left, prog, globalist, open borders, diversity crowd are presently apoplectic about supposed Russian “interference” with American electoral politics. Oh em gee. Russia, Russia, and more Russia. This is all the more comical as, obviously, there’s no there there. I don’t know what those diabolical ads the Russians supposedly paid for said but, regardless, it was apparently a modest “buy” in advertising terms, to be compared to the $100,000,000+ spent on behalf of Hillary. Where that money came from is an interesting question but our political weasels are supremely uninterested in interesting questions.

Donna Brazile and the Democratic National Committee did more to keep a thumb for Hitlery on the electoral scales in 2016 than any Russian did on behalf of Trump. But the ultra-left and various Republican toads can NOT get enough of the “Russia threat” and play it like a one-note ukulele. It’s like a Terminator movie. No matter how many times Arnold shoots or burns the robot killer, that sucker just gets back up. Evvvvery damnnnnnn time. Implacable. Eternal.

This is all in delicious contrast to the behavior of the left in the bad old days of Sen. Joe McCarthy who wondered, not unreasonably, why the federal government employed so many known communist agents in the service of, well, Russia (but with a new fancy name then). That was an entirely different matter and anyone who pointed out this inconvenient situation was a threat to “our values” and every virgin in town. Any mention of Russian infiltration of the actual government itself (in contrast to attempting to influence things American from 10,000 miles away) marked the speaker as a handmaiden of Satan.

To summarize. Today: Russia, Russia! Yesterday: Do not insult me with the word “Russia.”

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