Friday, July 13, 2018


     The C.S.O. has been having some difficulties with our front screen door. Here’s a snippet of our just-concluded exchange about them:

CSO: I think the problem is with the turny thing.
FWP: “Turny thing?” In my country we call that a knob.

CSO: Well, you knew what I meant!
FWP: And a good thing for you. No one else on Earth would have.

CSO: Everyone I work with understands the way I talk!
FWP: No wonder you love your work so much.

CSO: I’m gonna start collecting your foibles.
FWP: Well, at least my foibles aren’t voible.

     At which point we were both laughing too hard to continue.

1 comment:

daniel_day said...

That final statement disproves itself with its very utterance.