Monday, July 30, 2018

Western abuse of “humanitarian” aid in Syria.

Till now, French humanitarian actions were targeted exclusively at the “rebels”, that is, those living in the areas controlled by the jihadists.

Numerous Western Humanitarian forces and French forces in particular, served as a cover for handing over military equipment. This is why the Syrian Arab Republic requested authorization to search the cargo on board the convoys.[1]

That may seem fantastic, that Western governments would endanger the integrity of their aid efforts by permitting them to be used as a cover for military purposes. But it’s even more fantastic that supposed humanitarian activities by the French would not include people in government-controlled areas. Are they any less affected by the war?

If the French where on the up and up, their humanitarian aid resources would benefit all victims of war. The fact that this was not the case is compelling, if not conclusive evidence that there was nothing humanitarian about French aid activities.

[1] "Russia brings France back to Syria." By Voltaire Network, 7/28/18.

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