Thursday, July 19, 2018

No More Calling Me "Whitey" - That's a Racial Slur!

I was reading VoxDay, and came upon this lively discussion of the Papa John trashing (full disclosure - I LOVE Papa John's).

The comments were interesting, and included the suggestion:
Why don't we start calling ourselves Indigenous Europeans - and INSISTING that others do the same?
We need to start responding to accusations that we have White Privilege with "That's Indigenous European. White is a racist term, and we won't tolerate it."

 Let's have some fun with this. Act VERY serious, and, if they won't comply with our preferred designation, immediately go to HR and make a formal complaint. Ham it up. If you can, break down in tears (I do realize that the curvier Indigenous Euros might find this easier, but - make the effort).

Be absolutely obnoxious about it. Act humorless about White people jokes. Point out the oppression of the Gingers, the freckled, the non-tanning IEs. Tell them you were "Born This Way".


Francis W. Porretto said...

splutter choke snort giggle chortle!

Ray said...

An occasional: "I Am OFFENDED THAT YOU ARE NOT OFFENDED!" is like adding Tapitio to the iced tea. ALSO, Fran - we need you to virtue signal 100 words in advance of any mouth full of liquid events. OTHERWISE - you may be up for income redistribution (we all know you are rich) to my poor aunt Sally in Leavenworth. the "I'M Sorry (NOT)" erzatz "splutter choke snort giggle chortle!" has maxed out its sjw card and that third grade overdue book, ahem, is still on YOUR PERMANENT RECORD buddy. So, You go Whitey, go and tell it on the mountain of virtueless feral sjw's et al. Good Luck in your NEW JOB !!! ;)