Thursday, July 26, 2018

Quickies: The Song Remains The Same, As Does The General Tone-Deafness

     Longtime reader and friend Pascal sent me the following video:

     There are the innocently uninformed, and then there are the willfully blind, and then there are the useful idiots. Decide for yourselves, Gentle Readers, in which category the young woman – apparently a schoolteacher – at the start of that video belongs.

     I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said or written this, but apparently it needs to be repeated:

The Problem Is Islam Itself.

     Here’s why:

  • Violence is a core element of the Islamic creed.
  • Terrorism is only one aspect of Islam-powered violence.
  • Religious warriors never accept defeat; they win or they die.

     It simply doesn’t matter that you know a couple of peaceably-inclined “moderate” Muslims, or have a seemingly agreeable Muslim family in your neighborhood. The Koran is on the side of the terrorists and fanatics. Honest imams will admit this; others will attempt to talk around it.

     Moreover, those peaceable Muslims you know are part of the terrorists’ support network. Knowingly or otherwise, they fund the terrorists' efforts through Islamic "charities," the majority of which are proven contributors to HAMAS, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Were the terrorists to come to their door and demand refuge, they would provide it, plus whatever material support the terrorists might require. Not only does their religious scripture prescribe this; the “moderates” are fully aware of the consequences of not providing it: being adjudged heretics and therefore deserving of death.

     A militant minority will always dominate a pacifically inclined majority. When the militants also have the explicit dictates of their religion on their side, it’s impossible for the “moderates” to resist them. In this connection, Brigitte Gabriel has a few things to say:

     Please also refresh your memories of the following three essays:

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  2. Naughty Words
  3. Essential Ingredients

     Apologies for being so tiresome about this. It’s just a minor matter of the survival of Western Civilization. Silly me for being overly concerned.


sykes.1 said...

My lefty wife and daughter don't understand the threat of Islam to everything they hold dear.

Glenda T Goode said...

The op brought out clearly that islam has within its creed the elimination of any other belief system. Whether by negative persuasion or by out and out violence their goal is to dominate the world.

We hear lots of spin regarding the islam problem in the world. I call it a problem because it is a problem. It is not a few muslims making the rest look bad. It is islam in general.

In my mind, the religion of islam is incompatible with any other culture or belief system. It is the cancer of beliefs. Other religions have had their periods of intolerance but with few exceptions all have moved past this. There are factions in many religions who are strident and violent in nature but they are the minority and I can think of none as systemically violent towards non believers as islam is.

If you are trying to merge many things together sometimes you have what I call, 'incompatible parts'. These just do not fit in and worse yet, can break what you are doing all apart if they are introduced into the mix. It is the equivalent of adding gasoline to water. It ruins the water and contaminates everything the water touches.

Historically we have seen incompatible aspects of cultures, political systems, and nations rise up and put the world into turmoil. You can argue that Nazi-ism was incompatible with the rest of Europe and the world let alone the various ethnic communities that were exterminated in the death camps. This belief system was incompatible to a civil society. Other totalitarian regimes have followed similar courses and have been found to be equally incompatible. My point is that we fought massive wars to rid our planet of such anti-social, racist beliefs. This was done for the good of the entire world.

It is time to consider the facts that islam is equally as incompatible with the remainder of the world. You can argue successfully that the middle east is a killing ground without parallel for christians and non-believers of islam. We see the death toll reported in our news practically every day as the 'religion of peace' exterminates their next target group. This is not new and has been getting more and more common in the news.

We have seen militant members of islam attack other nations and spread their violent activities around the world. We see violence in the name of islam in normally civil and peaceful countries like Canada and Sweden. This violence was not present in those nations until the islamic immigrants arrived. I ask, how is it going now? to those nations knowing myself that the violence has just started there.

Throughout history the nations of the world have joined together to stop the invasions of various nations and movements in order to preserve world order. It is high time to make the issue of islamic violence a world issue directed at the religion as a whole. We need to challenge the leaders of this religion to get their violent factions off the streets and to make the world safe from them. If not, then they are incompatible with the remainder of the world and have a couple of choices.

One is to isolate themselves from the world and therefore limit their antisocial behaviors to their own kind, or two, eradicate the religion from face of the earth in a manner complete enough to prevent any further violence against non-believers. Either way, the violence that is spreading on our societies around the world as well as to our shores due to the religion of islam and islamic teachings MUST STOP!

Amy Bowersox said...

Islam is utterly incompatible with Western civilization. Islam is utterly incompatible with 21st-century civilization.

(Heavens, Islam is utterly incompatible with my very existence!)

People need to remember that Islam is a plague, and there are only two solutions for a plague. One is quarantine, and we should not hesitate to impose it, or otherwise we will have to resort to the second...extermination. And no one in their right minds would prefer that if it could possibly be avoided.