Monday, July 23, 2018

Got Her!

In previous posts, I mentioned one of the tactics that Progressives used against their opponents - targeting them for economic and career destruction. They work to get people fired, sued, harassed, shunned, and otherwise driven from any connection to society.

One 'activist' that has been in the news lately is Lillian Green, of Portland OR. She was the woman who, after being denied service after hours, took her fight to media and social media, and succeeded in getting the 2 clerks fired for following store policy.

This was no accident. She deliberately chose to distort her experience, with the aim of exacting maximum damage.

"I'm going to put this on Facebook and I'm going to blast their ass," Green says. "They can live that life but they're about to get all blasted on Facebook." Later, from home, Green made another video. "I want to tell you about a disturbing, heart wrenching experience I had," she says. She then talks about how the neighborhood has changed, details what happened at the bakery, and calls for a boycott.
 The owner's response to the furor was craven.
“In this situation it doesn’t really matter that the two staff members working are not themselves racist because the call they made to deny Lillian service caused her to feel like she had been discriminated against,” the statement read, “Sometimes impact outweighs intent and when that happens people do need to be held accountable. Since both Lillian and the clamoring public were demanding that these staff members be fired that it is what we did putting these two young women out of work.”
 But, it's not simply the actions of that PUBLIC EMPLOYEE (Lillian Green) that caused the whole MINOR INCIDENT to flame into a 'real crisis'.

That would be the actions of Yet Another Race Hustler - Cameron Whitten - who worked his magic to make this a BFD.
Perhaps ironically, a few weeks before being accused of racism, Back to Eden had agreed to host a "Reparations Happy Hour," in which white people donate money to an event for people of color only. That event was organized by Cameron Whitten, an activist in Portland, who, in 2012, protested in support of low income housing by staging a 55-day hunger strike in front of City Hall.
Whitten told me in a phone interview that the day after Green was denied service, Blomgren called him and asked for advice on how to respond to the crisis. Whitten says he offered to help the bakery craft their message (or even to do it for them) but the owners didn't listen, and instead, later hired a white man to serve as the company's interim CEO and do their PR. This, Whitten says, was a mistake. "White people don't have the lived experience to speak to black people," he says.
On June 2, several weeks after the incident, Whitten posted a nearly 50-minute video on Facebook, about "why you can't trust the wolf in sheep's clothing that is Back to Eden Bakery."
So, it would seem that Whitten's attempt to force cooperation upon the hapless baker was not accepted, and, therefore, the bakery would be doomed to die in the fiery hell of public opinion deliberately manipulated for Progressive Activism. Andy Ngo details the efforts here. Andy deserves this year's Andrew Breitbart award (assuming there is such a thing) for this heroic reporting.

And, what of the instigator of this entire episode? It turns out that she is a public employee, and, as such, vulnerable to public outrage. Complaints about this person, who, after all, represents a state agency, and should have demonstrated better judgement and a cooler head, should be directed to the Oregon Early Learning Division.

If you SHOULD contact them, consider using something like this:
I am writing to express my concern about the continued employment of your Equity Director, Lillian Green. She recently chose to create controversy over a supposed slight by employees of an Oregon bakery. Those employees - who were following store policy - informed her that they were closed, and could not provide her service at that time. They continued to serve those customers who were in the store, then closed and went home. Ms. Green created a social media mob, that resulted in the two employees losing their jobs. This exaggeration of a small incident, with the slur that the denial of service was racially motivated, shows extremely poor judgement on the part of Ms. Green. That, combined with her inability to empathize and relate to persons whose race is different from hers, as well as her targeting of the Gay owners of that establishment, make her unsuitable for continued employment in her position.
Feel free to cut & paste, or modify in any way. Add your suggestions in the comments.

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Manu said...

This was a shakedown. Reading through it, you can see that a professional activist was in cahoots with a professional race baiter to shakedown the company to "hire" the services of Whitten to speak on their behalf - i.e. do nothing.

SJWs are organized criminals, only less upfront about it.