Thursday, July 26, 2018

Quickies: Upcoming Free Fiction

     My novel Chosen One, the first volume of the Realm of Essences series, will be free of charge at Amazon on Saturday, August 4, 2018:

     From his earliest days, Louis Redmond proves to be a prodigy: brilliant, powerful, and great-souled, a trailblazer of the spirit and a natural leader of men. Armies would follow him into the mouth of Hell. Yet tragedy dogs his steps, depriving him of family and friends. Hammerblow follows hammerblow, giving him little time to recover.

     But Louis is watched over by one who knows all the ways of Man: Malcolm Loughlin, immortal grandmaster of all things martial, who’s trained the world’s great warriors for two millennia. His wisdom, enough to elevate Louis to the throne of the world, is available to Louis, for a price...

     A price even a Titan would shudder to meet.

     But on August 4, you won’t have to pay any price. So mark your calendars! I’ll repeat this announcement on that day.

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